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Rodney and the Riots

The LA riots spurred by the aquittal of the police officers who beat Rodney King started 17 years ago today.

This fantastic article at laist touches on how sweet King is. Honestly, if you get the chance to watch Celebrity Rehab from last season or Sober House, do so. Rodney is the man.


Training 4/29/09

Good one today.

325×8 (PR)

45 degree hyper

Lying leg raise

20 mins stepmill

If you really think The President didn’t know about this

The Administration thinks you’ll buy it.  They are getting good at this lying thing.

The President is responsible for what his staff does.  I’ve never seen more buck passing so quickly in my life.  And I keep seeing this intimidation theme out of this Administration.

These folks really aren’t ready for prime time.

The only way to help the poor is to limit their choices

I really am convinced folks on the left, including our current Administration, believe poor people are simply too stupid to care for themselves, and need to have their options limited by government.

John Stossel explains the credit card “bill of rights”, which is nothing more than the government limiting access to credit by increasing the costs (and thus the price) of credit.

Credit cards didn’t create consumer debt — they are merely a superior alternative to older methods.

As President Obama and other politicians demagogue this issue, keep two things in mind: Life would be more difficult without credit cards, and banks don’t have to keep issuing them. Be careful what you ask for.

Actualy, we are getting exactly what we asked for.

Specter of Politics

I disagree with Mike Steele. Arlen Specter (Undecided – PA) didn’t bolt from the GOP for any reason other than to flip the bird to the voters in PA. He’s going to run as a Democrat because, and ONLY because, he was going to lose his reelection bid as a Republican.

And that, mind you, is what it’s all about: reelection.   He said so himself, claiming he would “Not let those people (PA Republicans)” decide if he is going back to the Senate in 2010.

I’m not suprised, the man has shown he has no principles.

Training 4/27/2009

140×8 (PR)

5, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4

Face Pull
5×15 @ 60

20 mins treadmill.

I need to recharge my MP3 player, this is torture

It might just have something to do with him getting rich off them..

To his credit, John Dingell realises Cap and Trade is a tax. Then he asks a guy who will get rich off a Cap and Trade system to justify using it.


Taking a couple of days off training. I was going to do some conditioning, but I didn’t. It’s a scheduled deload, but I unloaded.

Heading to DC Friday for an overnight, I’ll be back in the gym on Monday.


I think there should be a day for all the planets. What makes Earth so special it gets it’s own day?

What about Neptune?

I’m boycotting Earth day until we have a day for all the planets.

Training, 4/21/09

A litte birthday squatting


Leg Press
3×15 @ 200

Leg curl
5×10 @ 80

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