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Training, 5/29/09

Bench Press
235×10 (PR)

DB Incline press
60 x 15, 11, 9

DB Row
5×10 @ 80

30 mins treadmill, around 130 bpm.

Training, 5/28/09


45 degree hyper

Incline situp

32 mins treadmill @ 130 bpm or so.

What excuse was that again?

Amputee, cancer survivor, and big squatter, Dana Shealy

Yeah. Come up with an excuse today.

Via Jason Pegg (who is pretty freaking inspiring as well) on EliteFTS

More Social Media and the Workplace

Some facts and figures on social networking as a corporate strategy, as well as commentary on representing your brand/company.

I find it amazing that people can’t seem to get it right when it comes to representing yourself and your company. I work for a very large public company, and our brand image is of primary importance. So I separate the work stuff from the personal stuff. On Facebook, I identify myself as an employee of my company. My facebook page is open to people in my networks (my company and Baltimore), and I update my Facebook page accordingly. Sure I have fun personal stuff on there, and a bit of political stuff, but I consider everything I post in the context that someone might consider me a representative of my company. So while it’s personal, it’s nothing I wouldn’t share with my boss, or with a customer, and certainly nothing that would embarrass my employer.

Here on the blog and on Twitter, I do not identify my employer. Sure, if you work hard enough you can figure it out, but these are personal spaces, with personal opinions. Even given that, however, I still try to keep posts clean, try not to engage in conversation or posts that would create an issue if someone does know who my employer is.

There’s a balance of personal and professional, and I don’t think it’s all that difficult to find it. Certainly if I were posting on Twitter as a representative of my company, my posts would reflect that.


The Case To Abolish Social Security

I’ve said for some time Social Security should be abolished, or at a minimum be voluntary.  Mark Brandly at Mises makes his case to abolish it.

Making the system sustainable will require higher taxes or benefits reductions. These reductions could be achieved by either reducing the benefits per recipient or reducing the number of beneficiaries — say, by raising the minimum age requirements. The solution is to give workers a negative rate of return on the money that is taken from them. It would also help if some workers collected no benefits at all. Workers who are taxed and then die before collecting any benefits are a boon to the system. Maybe the federal government should rethink its war on tobacco.

This system is a massive income-redistribution scheme, taking one-eighth of most workers’ incomes. The total tax burden is hidden from the workers. The tax revenues have been used to cover the deficits in the rest of the government’s budgets, and the only way to make the system sustainable is to give the participants a negative rate of return on their money.

Read up.

Quote of the Day

It’s actually from last week, but I’m behind on my reading.

Only someone who has never had the responsibility for managing anything could believe he could manage just about everything.

Thomas Sowell, in an interview with Reason. Take the time to read the entire thing.

Training, 5/25/09

140×10 (PR)
Misloaded, was supposed to be 145, but a pretty big rep PR nonetheless

Pullups (neutral grip)
5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 4

Face Pulls
4×15 @ 60

Pressdowns superset with hammer curls

30 mins treadmill, around 130 bpm

Training, 5/24/2009

Back to it.


Leg press
2×15 @ 240
20 x 240

Leg curl
5×10 @ 110

Calf raise
2×10 @ 200

10 mins stepmill, HR went up to 190+, so I got off and did 30 minutes on the treadmill.

Dear Troy – please turn the AC on. Thanks.

Awesome (QOTD)

Comes from Gene Simmons, on the KISS medley by Adam Lambert on American Idol.

KISS co-founder Gene Simmons was asked whether Lambert would be invited to join the band on the road this fall. “No,” said Simmons. “He’d be better off joining Queen.”

Via the jerk store


Took most of this week off from training to see if my shoulder would get better. Feels like my bicep tendon, but the pain’s pretty much gone. I’ll test it this weekend when I squat, I guess.

5/3/1 is cool so far, other than the shoulder thing (which is the way it sometimes goes, figure out training, apply it, and get hurt.)

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