Took most of this week off from training to see if my shoulder would get better. Feels like my bicep tendon, but the pain’s pretty much gone. I’ll test it this weekend when I squat, I guess.

5/3/1 is cool so far, other than the shoulder thing (which is the way it sometimes goes, figure out training, apply it, and get hurt.)


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2 responses to “Break

  • Will

    I’ve had a couple clients mention the same thing about their shoulders while doing this. I wondered if it were all the pressing but after a couple times through it seems to have gone away for most. Keeping the pulling equal seems to have helped but getting accustomed to the military press might have been all it was.

  • Paul Stagg

    I’ve had an issue for years, it started bothering me after washing my car of all things.

    I do think the extra OH pressing isn’t helping, but it has been getting better.

    I’m pretty sure it’s an impingement of my bicep tendon.

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