Busy, busy work week.  Flew to Atlanta on Monday afternoon, got back 2am on Thursday, then had a long busy day, today has been the same.  I have some errands to run before rush hour, so trying to get out of the office, thus no time for reading the internets and commenting about it.

Training will resume Sunday, probably repeat the last full week and get after it.  I can’t wait.   Also learned something today about how to build a more solid cardiac base level, going to implement it next week as well, so I can get to the point that more intense work (sprinting, etc) will be effective.

You’ll see a training post on Sunday if nothing before then.

Also, happy birthday tomorrow to the awesomest realtor ever


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Husband, lifter, MBA in Baltimore, MD. Will post about Powerlifting, politics, Classical Liberalism, Economics, building wealth, self improvement, productivity, heavy music, wine, food, beer, and almost anything else. View all posts by Paul Stagg

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