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Via Problogger on Twitter, came across a post on why the title ‘social media expert’ may not be the route you want to take.

This passage struck me as being spot on:

No one has figured out social media ROI yet. A lot of so-called experts say “I got 300 retweets, 100 new Twitter followers, 60 fans on Facebook, 36 blog comments,” but what does that really mean? It means nothing actually, unless you can convert that into sales or stockholder value. If you can’t measure, you can’t improve and you can’t deliver on your promise of value. How would you ever be able to measure the impact of a tweet from an influencer on your marketing program?

I think this is an important concept, and many in the social media world struggle with it. Twitter itself doesn’t yet have a way to profit off it’s growth. I’ve seen a lot of ‘experts’ on the internet come and go, and being a social media guru strikes me as yet another person getting rich by telling people how to get rich on the internet by telling people how to get rich on the internet.

Which, as you might guess, doesn’t work all that well any more.

I’m all for businesses and individuals using social media to build their brands and connect with customers, consumers, vendors, etc. I think it’s going to become a necessity for many, certainly those who build businesses off their personal brands (small businesses, doctors, realtors, accountants, folks like that.) But the core of your business has to remain your business, not your means of communication. Having lots of followers on Twitter or lots of people reading your blog isn’t a competitive advantage; the competitive advantage is the thing about you or your company that draws all the followers (and hopefully turns all the attention into some sales).

Brand yourself as an expert in your field!

Training, 6/8/2009

Having a generally shitty day; work pissed me off this morning and I never really got over it, although I did have a pretty productive day, so I should man up and get over it.



Neutral grip pullups
5, 2, shoulder really bothering me
Neutral grip pulldowns

Face Pull
3×15 @ 60

30 mins treadmill on ‘fat burn’ setting, which is 118 bpm. woo.

Training 6/7/2009

315×7 (PR)

Leg Press
3×15 @ 270

Leg curl
120 x 10, 8

10 mins elliptical cardio setting (150bpm)


Busy, busy work week.  Flew to Atlanta on Monday afternoon, got back 2am on Thursday, then had a long busy day, today has been the same.  I have some errands to run before rush hour, so trying to get out of the office, thus no time for reading the internets and commenting about it.

Training will resume Sunday, probably repeat the last full week and get after it.  I can’t wait.   Also learned something today about how to build a more solid cardiac base level, going to implement it next week as well, so I can get to the point that more intense work (sprinting, etc) will be effective.

You’ll see a training post on Sunday if nothing before then.

Also, happy birthday tomorrow to the awesomest realtor ever

Quote of the day

Comes from Dave Tate at Elite Fitness Systems

Business, like training, is based on results. The strategy, program, structure, plan and training don’t mean shit if at the end of the month you have not gotten better. Worse yet, if you or your business does not get better, and you don’t change something then who’s to blame?

It’s your strength, body, business, job, etc. If it is not advancing, getting better or moving forward, then get the hell off your ass and start changing something.

Taking a few days off

Saturday, I carried 4 20×20 pavers up to the roof (4 stories), and 4 16×16 (two at a time for those). I felt OK yesterday, and had planned to squat, but a botched delivery time (they were supposed to come in the AM, but didn’t get here until after 2, and took longer to get things done than expected), kept me home instead of getting to the gym.

Today, I’m stiff as all get out, and one of my knees is bothering me. I’m heading out on a business trip this afternoon (I have to leave my house by 1:45); the plan was to squat and press quickly this morning. Ain’t gonna happen.

So, I’ll squat on Thursday or Friday. I think I’ll just pick up where I left off, but might redo the last week of 5’s.

Not happy about it, but there’s not much I can do when my schedule gets blown up. Would have been no big deal to blow off a press workout and stay on track, but I don’t want to skip squatting.

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