An open letter to my Republican friends:

If you are pinning your hopes on Sarah Palin, get ready for a nice long run as the minority party.

Which, in a Center/Right nation, says a lot.

She’s a kook, a bit of a doofus, and has issues with ethics.  Sure, she’s ‘folksy’, and since Reagan was ‘folksy’, you may think there’s some substantive likeness to the Gipper.  There isn’t.  Reagan was a brilliant politician, and outstanding leader (both motivationally and strategically), and a great communicator.  Ms. Palin is none of those things.

So, my friends, my advice to you is to drop her now, and work on finding high level candidates who have more shot at actually getting elected.  Like, maybe, this guy.


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Husband, lifter, MBA in Baltimore, MD. Will post about Powerlifting, politics, Classical Liberalism, Economics, building wealth, self improvement, productivity, heavy music, wine, food, beer, and almost anything else. View all posts by Paul Stagg

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