No Rationing

We keep getting told there will be no rationing, even though anyone with sense can see that isn’t possible. As a matter of fact, we can already see how things will be rationed when the government runs healthcare.

In this piece there’s a little line that tells the story of the future.

But it’s not a matter of just giving both to whoever comes in. Supplies are expected to be limited, so the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has two different lists for who should be first to get the seasonal flu shot and who should be first to get the swine flu shot.

For the regular flu vaccine, elderly people, health care workers and pregnant women are among the priority groups. For the swine flu vaccine, health care workers and pregnant women are on the list but not older people, who seem to have some immunity to swine flu.

If all the flu shots were given at about the same time, it could mean a mash of people, some of whom should be among the first to get one shot and not the other.

That’s rationing. For some things, old people will go to the end of the line. And, given the sweeping power given the government in the current bill, the government will have the power to decide who gets what, when, opening the door for, say, a billionaire corporate fatcat who donates lots of money to the party in control to get his name closer to the top of the list.   Are you really sure you want someone from the other party controlling your healthcare? 

Link via Karen De Coster


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