Stutter Step

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned I was going to work on getting a little leaner.  As you may have noticed from my lack of training updates, I got busy.  Real busy, with work travel, work meetings, and catching up from work travel and work meetings.  And sleep deprivation.

I’m back to normal, now, and I’m getting back to it.

This morning, I’m 238 pounds, with a 40 inch waist at the navel.  That’s about 20% bodyfat.

I’m also resetting my squat poundages.  I screwed up at the start of using 5/3/1, and had my squat base set too high.  I thought it was my hatred for doing more than 3 reps, but my deadlift has taken off, so I think it more likely I messed up from the beginning.


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