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Legislative Logic

In Mass, the legislature wants to increase the tax on people who own and license a dog by $3. Alone, this is certainly not the most outrageous thing you’ll see today, but the explanation of why they need the tax revenue is pure awesome.

But state Sen. Pat Jehlen (D-Somerville) argued the fee is necessary to fund a state spay-and-neutering plan meant to snip the state’s out-of-control problem with strays.

“The number of abandoned animals has gone through the roof over the past few years,” Jehlen said. “Shelters are euthanizing animals because they have too many.”

So, they are increasing the tax on people who register, spay and neuter their dogs to pay for spaying and neutering of dogs.

Really? So what do you think will happen? I know what I would do (in fact, it is what I’ve done). My dog would not be registered.


Ravens, Week 1

To continue my traditional footblogging, albeit a little late this week: my comments on the Raven’s KC game and the upcoming game against the Chargers.

The KC game was an absolute blowout. KC scored 14 points on a blocked kick and a 70 yard INT run back, take those out, it’s 38 – 10, and could have been worse.

How can I say that? Because I think the Ravens were treating it like another preseason game with the offense, testing out the passing game a bit more. Flacco was great in the first half, a little off in the second, but there’s no worries. The running game is solid, I think they were still trying to work out some passing kinks.

The defense looked solid, although didn’t get much airtime due to the lopsided (almost 2:1) time of possession.

One thing I noticed is how wrong some people who get paid to talk about sports can be. Witness Pete Prisco at CBS, who says the Ravens D gave up too many yards and points.

Joe Flacco had a huge game with 307 yards and three touchdown passes. This is his team now. They’re not a running team anymore. The defense gave up a lot of yards and too many points for a Ravens defense, especially to a backup quarterback.

KC had a total of 188 yards.  29 total rushing yards.  Larry Johnson had 20 yards on 11 carries.  2-10 on third downs.  The Ravens average yards against per game in 2008 (when they were ranked 2nd in the NFL) was 261.  I don’t see how giving up 188 yards is ‘a lot’.  And I know 10 points isn’t ‘too many’.  But somehow he gets paid for his opinion, and I just blog and have 6 people read it.


Anyway, looking forward to this week, at the Chargers.  I predicted this would be a loss for the Ravens, but now I’m not so sure.  The Chargers got pretty banged up against the Raiders.  LT might not play.  I think if the Ravens are their usual physical selves and can overcome the SoCal heat and travel, they might pull this one out.  It won’t be a 38-10 blowout, though, they need to stick to the running attack and play outstanding defense, and come out with a 17-14 something like that.

2-0 would be a great start!

Class acts

Two stories caught my eye this week, demonstrating a couple of real class acts from the world of professional football. It isn’t all Brandon Marshall, Michael Vick, and TO.

First, you may recall the story about Leodis McKelvin’s lawn being vandalized after his game changing fumble Monday night. When the police caught the kids that did it, he let them off the hook.

McKelvin shrugged it off, saying he still considers Bills fans to be the greatest.

“It’s just one little incident. I hope it doesn’t happen any more,” McKelvin said. “I was mad, I was kind of like angry in a way, but I was laughing a little bit for what they put on there. It was just something that isn’t appropriate.”

He was particularly impressed by a neighbor, who got out his lawn mower and cut the grass in bid to erase what had been painted.

And McKelvin’s already looking ahead to playing Sunday.

I would have been furious, too.  And I would have probably let the kids’ parents handle it.  (Props, also, to the neighbor who cut the grass.)

The second story, and more heart tugging, is Vince Young attending a “Dear Dads Breakfast” with Steve McNair’s two young sons.

“Those are my boys,” Young told The Tennessean. “I wouldn’t say it was to pay anyone back; it was just out of love. Steve would do it for me. He pretty much did it for me when I was growing up. I have a history with the boys and I want to do anything I can. I am their big brother.”

Julie Dilworth, admissions director at St. Paul Christian Academy, lauded Young’s actions.

“It was a great, great gesture,” Dilworth told The Tennessean. “All the kids had been talking about the dads’ breakfast and [Trenton and Tyler] were wondering what was going to happen with them.

“They were thrilled … the boys came to school with huge smiles on their faces.”

Young had a close relationship with Steve McNair, even before the latter was drafted by the Titans four years ago. He attended McNair’s football camps when he was young. McNair was shot and killed July 4.

Besides being there for McNair’s sons, Young gave other kids at the school jerseys and autographs.

“It was a surprise, and just to see the excitement on their faces, it’s a great feeling,” Young told The Tennessean. “We had a good time eating pancakes. I had an omelet.

Score two for the good guys.


Today’s comes from Radley Balko of

I think America would be a better place if more people were more rude to more politicians more often.

I agree.


Just a quick observation. The congress is quick to Do Something about Joe Congo, but moves with no urgency on Charlie Rangel.

Seems to me that says something about the Democratic leadership.

Although I’m all for Congress wasting time.  Keeps them from doing much damage.

Busy and on the road

Hi there.

I was on the road last week, and I’m still playing catch up. It’s a deload week, and as has happened the past several, I’m so busy I’m probably just not going to train at all, although tomorrow I’m starting AM walking again. The next cycle I’m bumping up the assistance stuff and bumping up the cardio. Whee.

Not much else to say, as usual I have some ideas jotted down, but haven’t flushed out the actual posts.

Good to see ACORN taking a hit. This President isn’t teflon like one Bill Clinton, and I think this stuff is going to go very, very badly for him.

Regular posting should resume shortly.

Training 9/7/2009

Had to combine pressing with squatting as I can’t train until Friday.

Felt better than I have for the last couple of weeks, but I wasn’t feeling so hot (a little GI distress), so I didn’t push harder than this.

170×3 (PR)
Pretty happy with that, given I benched yesterday

Leg press

HS leg curl
5×10 @ 80

So, I can see this movie for free?

Michael Moore says capitalism is evil.

So, I’m sure he’s not charging anyone to see, copy, distribute, or use this, or any of his other films.  And I’m sure all the cameramen, grips, writers, and lighting folks who worked on the film did so for free, not for any evil capitalist profit.

Capitalism is why he can make the film in the first place.  What an idiot.

Do something

Here are some things to do this month!

Training, 9/6/2009

Bench Press
260×7 (PR)

Incline DB press
60 x 12, 10, 10

3×15 @ 70

EZ Curlz
3×8 @ +20

30 mins treadmill @ 130 bpm

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