You know what? Nobody who does picks knows what they are talking about any more than I do, so what the heck. I present here my totally uneducated NFL picks for the week, both winners and against the spread.

Ravens (+2) @ Patriots

I’m picking the Ravens to win a fairly close low(er) scoring game. Just a hunch. I know it will be close. Ravens win, and I’ll take the Ravens with the points

Buccaneers (+8) @ Redskins

I think the Redskins are going to completely fall apart. I think the Bucs might win this one, and there’s no way the ‘Skins cover 8 points. I’ll pick the Bucs to win and the Bucs with the points.

Titans (-3) @ Jaguars

The Titans are far better than their 0-3 record, the Jags showed against the Cowboys on Monday that they just aren’t a great team. Titans to win and to beat the spread.

Raiders (+10) @ Texans

I think this will be a much closer game than 10 points, and I think the Raiders might be able to pull it out. Picking the winner is tough, I’ll go with the Texans to win at home, but they won’t cover the spread, so Raiders with the points.

Lions @ Bears (-10)

The Lions win last week wasn’t a fluke, but they aren’t going to beat the Bears in Chicago. Or anywhere else. Bears to win, and I’ll take the Bears and give up the points.

Bengals @ Browns (+6)

The Bengals surprised everyone last week, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Browns win this one. The Bengals are still inconsistent, the Browns are at home and desperate. Even with horrid coaching on the Browns side, Cinci might give this one away. I’ll pick the Bengals to win (but I’m not sure), and I’ll take the Browns with the points.

Seahawks @ Indy (-11)

Some key injuries on both sides, but I think this is going to be a blowout. Indy to win and cover

Giants @ Chiefs (+9)

I don’t think any team will go 0-16 this year. But this week isn’t the week the Chiefs get a win, not against the Giants, who will win the NFC East. I do think the Chiefs will make a game of it, and it may be closer than people think, so I’ll take the points and the Chiefs.

Jets (+7) @ Saints

While I know Rex Ryan is a great coach, I don’t think the Jets are going to New Orleans and winning against the Saints. They aren’t that good. I can’t predict a blowout here, though, I think it might be a close game, so Saints to win, but Jets with the points.

Bills @ Dolphins (+2)

I thought the Bills might have something for the AFC East this year, given their good performance against the Patriots in a tough loss, but I’ve lost all confidence. The Dolphins, even with a backup QB, can beat this team. I’ll take Miami to win and with the points.

Cowboys @ Broncos (+3)

The Cowboys are favored? I don’t think so. I think they get destroyed this week. Denver wins, and I’ll take them with the points.

Rams (+10) @ 49ers

I predicted that when Kyle Boller moved on to another team from the Ravens, that he would turn his career around; that he’d even end up in a pro bowl or winning it all. That won’t happen this year, but I do think he will find success. 49ers to win, but I’ll take the Rams with the points.

Chargers (+7) @ Steelers

I think this is one of the biggest games this week. I think the line is off, that this will be a much closer game. I think the edge goes to the team with the better coach, which is the Steelers. But I’ll take the Chargers with the points.

Packers (+4) @ Vikings

All the hype, I’m not convinced. Yeah, Favre pulled off an amazing play last weekend. But he can’t do that every week, and I think the Pack is the better team. Pack to win, and I’ll take them with the points.


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