Whatever you do, bet the opposite

I simply can not be trusted to pick football games.  7-7 picking winners, and 5-9 against the spread last week.  So I’m 17-11 and 9-19

I suck.

So I’ll do it again.

Texans (+5) @ Bengals

I think the Bengals have played well in some cases and poorly in some cases.  I think the Texans are a good upset pick.

Lions (+13) @ Packers

Packers win, but closer than 13 points

Ravens (-3) @ Vikings

The Vikings could very easily be 3-2, and the Ravens are going to be motivated after stinking it up last week.

Giants (+3) @ Saints

I think this will be a great game, but I give the edge to the Giants to stay undefeated.

Browns @ Steelers (-14)

Browns come off a huge win against the Bills to return to getting blown out.  They scored 6 against the Bills, 6 against the Broncos, and 3 against the Ravens.  Yeah, I’ll give up the points.

Panthers @ Bucs (+3)

Bucs win this one at home.

Chiefs (+7) @ Redskins

Chiefs pick up their first (maybe only) win of the year.

Rams (+10) @ Jaguars

The off beat pick of the week.  Rams win.

Cardinals (+3) @ Seahawks

I think the Cardinals are due to show up for a game.

Eagles @ Raiders (+15)

Eagles beat the Raiders, but not by 15

Titans @ Patriots (-10)

Gosh, I want the Titans to win one; they are a better team than their record indicates… but I don’t see this team going to New England and beating the Pats at home.  I’ll take the Pats and give up the points.

Bills @ Jets (-10)

The Bills couldn’t score more than 3 against the Browns. I’m pretty sure the Jets can beat that team.

Bears @ Falcons (-3)

After the big win last week, I think the Falcons keep the momentum going.

Broncos @ Chargers (-4)

Broncos can’t keep it up.


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