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One down, 5 to go

Ravens 20, Steelers 17, in overtime. A classic game. Contrary to what some folks think, I think the Ravens played pretty well. D was solid, but not perfect; but this is the Steelers running game, which, last I checked, is pretty good.

Offense is clearly hampered by Flacco’s ankle, even if he won’t admit it. Lots more variety this week, against a heck of a defense. I was pretty happy to see more of the three headed running attack, and the passing game got spread around a bit. Rice is still the man.

Sure, you can be critical that they almost lost to a third string QB, but he is an NFL QB, and he’s surrounded by an outstanding team. He did a really nice job.

Based on what I see in the playoff picture, it’s going to take 11-5 to get the wildcard (Jacksonville is going to fall apart, but the Titans are coming). That means the Ravens will have to run the table. I think this team can beat Green Bay; remember they lost to the Vikings by just 2 points. It’s going to come down to the rematch of last night’s game, I think.


Training, 11/29/09

Bench Press

Incline DB press
3×15 @ 50

Barbell row
3×15 @ 135

Good stuff

The Economist has an interview with Radley Balko of Reason, Hit and Run, and The Agitator. The latter is the first blog I found lo those many years ago, and one of the few blogs I read every day. Radley has also been an engaging guest on the Ron Smith show on WBAL in Baltimore.

Anyway, his thoughts on the militarization of the police and on the Libertarian movement are interesting (and quite nicely mirror my own). This is a good read.

That said, I think there’s reason for some optimism for libertarians. The generations raised on the internet will be more educated, aware, and informed than any before them, and I think that has instilled in them some naturally libertarian instincts, particularly when it comes to issues like government transparency, accountability, censorship, and police power. Perhaps I’m a bit pollyanna-ish, but it’s at least possible that once the Obama administration proves just as inept, corrupt, and hopeless as the Bush administration, the younger people who flocked to Obama will start to understand that the problem isn’t who’s running government, it’s that government power itself corrupts–and that we’re better off keeping as much of our lives as possible off limits to the whims of politicians instead of this repeating cycle of putting all of our hope into the idea that someday, the right politicians will finally get elected.

The last sentence is so important, and really is the reason for optimism, that at some point all these smart people will stop thinking ‘their guy’ can take government power and make it all right (see the irony in healthcare). Trust me, you are not going to be happy when Sarah Palin is running your healthcare.

If you don’t already, I highly recommend reading both Hit and Run and The Agitator.

Training, 11/25/09


Neutral grip pullup
5,4,4,4,4,3,3,3 (30 in 8 sets)

Face Pull
3×15 @ 60

4×10 @ 60

Hammer curl
3×15 @ 30

Training, 11/23/09

Shut it down at 5, because at rep 3, had one of those things happen that makes you not sure if you’ve, well, pooped. Good news, I didn’t, but didn’t want to do any more squats than required if something terrible had happened.


Anyone who trains hard knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Leg Press
3×15 @ 180

Leg Curl
3×15 @ 50

Lying leg raises



Here’s a little hint on how to tell the Congress has completely lost it’s way (don’t let the title fool you, it isn’t because Sarah Palin doesn’t like it…)

Republicans, who have expressed opposition to the Democrats’ bill from the beginning, have threatened to read the full 2,074 page bill during Senate debate, claiming the more Americans hear about what is in the bill, the less they will like it.

If reading the bill on the floor is a ‘threat’, it’s a good assumption that the bill shouldn’t pass.

Or am I the idiot?

Top posts of the last 9 months

It’s been about 9 months since I started the new blog… here are the top 3 posts so far

Are you serious?


Not as smart as you think.

Feedback is always appreciated!

Just not good enough

It was fantastic to see the Ravens hold the Colts to 17 points, so half of the team we needed to see showed up. Unfortunately, the offense couldn’t get in the end zone. When you can’t score on the Colts when you have the ball 1st and goal from the 1, you don’t deserve to go to the playoffs. The offense actually looked OK, doing a pretty nice job controlling the ball and the tempo of the game, but they need to score touchdowns, not field goals. Just one could have done it.

As has been the case all year, it comes down to a handful of plays, any one of which (a missed short FG, getting stopped at the 1, throwing the INT) goes the other way, maybe it’s a win.

I think it will take 11-5 to get into the playoffs, and the Ravens still have the Steelers twice (although they just lost to KC), and the Packers in Green Bay. I don’t see this team making it through those three games without a loss, and while I’m confident about the Raiders and the Lions, you can’t write the Bears off, either. If the team that showed up today shows up for every remaining game, and they score a touchdown instead of a couple of those field goals, then all of these games are winnable individually, but I don’t know that any team could go into this stretch and win them all.

Oh, and Ed Reed needs to stop lateraling. Seriously.

Training, 11/21/09

Bench Press

Incline DB press
2×15 @ 50

Barbell bent row
2×15 @ 135


This is absolutely awesome.

Growing discontent over the economy and frustration with efforts to speed its recovery boiled over Thursday on Capitol Hill in a wave of criticism and outright anger directed at the Obama administration.

Episodes in both houses of Congress exposed the raw nerves of lawmakers flooded with stories of unemployment and economic hardship back home. They also underscored the stiff headwinds that the administration faces as it pushes to enact sweeping changes to the financial regulatory system while also trying to create jobs for ordinary Americans.

They’re upset because they are going to be Changed ™ in 2010.

Gridlock is good. Remember that.

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