After dinner last night, J and I headed to V-NO for a Thanksgiving wine tasting.

On the tasting itself, it was a pretty typical distributer run tasting, with some winners and some losers. We bought a couple of bottles of a fantastic sparkling rose Pinot.

We had not been to V-NO, and the shop/wine bar is very cool. It’s an intimate space with seating outside, and I can very much see us stopping by on a Saturday afternoon for a plate of cured meats and cheese and a bottle of wine. The shop prices seem resonable; they had a wine I’ve purchased at Beltway for the same price, which is great for a shop in the high rent Fells Point area. The wine selection is a bit limited; we did appreciate the unpretentious catigorization of wines. Most wines are under $30, which certainly will keep me under control.

V-NO won’t be the go to spot for that just right bottle of wine, but for an afternoon snack and sip, there’s nothing else like it. (OK, Chesapeake Wine is similar, but the service isn’t all that great, and the prices reflect the rent).


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