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If you are following my training, you’ll see it’s changed a bit in the last couple of weeks.  As with anything, you need to change your strategy and approach as your goals change or evolve.

For most of 2009, I trained using the basic programming from Wendler’s 5/3/1.  No doubt, this is an outstanding training philosophy, and was exactly what I needed to rebuild my base and get back in the training habit.  I highly recommend training this way if you have diffuse goals.  However, I was getting to the point where I was dreading Squat days, which is a sign that a percentage based program with linear progression is ending its useful life for me.  The idea that I had to hit at least 5 reps at 85% made me not want to go train, which becomes counterproductive.

So, I’m moving back to a more “Westside” or “Conjugated” approach.  I’m using a basic old template (I think it’s also based on an article Jim Wendler wrote some time ago), as my goals for 2010 include totals in a couple of meets.  Plus, I think this style of training is a lot of fun, and what’s the point if doing this isn’t fun?

So here it is.  If I’m violating someone’s copyright or something, please let me know.

I’ve found that spreading the training week out over 8 days works well for me when training this way, I’ve tried the traditional 4 days a week and I’ve tried 3 days a week; training every other day works out best for me, as I get plenty of recovery, and I get some flexibility built into the schedule (work sometimes forces me to move days around).  Also, I don’t end up doing a dynamic squat workout every Friday instead of hitting happy hour.

Max Effort Squat
ME lift (Low or high box squat, deadlift variant, occasionally a good morning) to a single or triple. Singles usually, trying to get at least 3 and up to 5 lifts in over 90%, with a secondary goal of breaking a PR.
Leg Press, high volume (lots of sets, lots of reps)
Pullthru, high volume

Max Effort Bench
ME Lift (2 board, Floor Press, Reverse band press, etc) to a single or triple. Singles usually, trying to get at least e and up to 5 lifts over 90%, with a secondary goal of breaking a PR.
Incline or Shoulder press, high volume
Chins, high volume
Face pulls, high volume
Tricep work

Dynamic Effort Squat
Box Squat, 3 week wave of 55%, 60%, 65%
Deadlift, the old Westside template working from 15 singles down to 6 and increasing the percentages over 6 weeks
Good Morning, high intensity (heavy, low volume)
45 degree hyper

Dynamic Effort Bench
Bench Press, 8 sets of 3 at 60%
Close Grips or High Board (4) or OH presses, High intensity
Rows, high intensity
Tricep work
Bicep work

Deloading will factor in later as I figure it out. Most likely, I’ll deload coordinating with working up to heavy weights (over 90%) on DE days, but could be as often as every 4th week.

From a conditioning perspective, I need to get back to walking a couple of miles every mornng and doing some stairs or hills a couple of times a week.  That programming is separate from lifting, I need to experiment a bit to find the right balance.

My goals for next year are to total 1200+ by June and 1300+ by December. I’m pretty sure I can total 1150 now without gear, so both goals may be a little light, but that’s OK, I can always change them.


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