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Calling out local weather forecasters

Mr Foot rightly calls out local weather folks, as is kids yet again accurately predict something they missed.

What did they receive? Slightly more than a dusting, Mr. Bass of Baltimore’s CBS Channel 13 WJZ. Slightly more than “just this much” as shown in an index and thumb together hand gesture by another local forecaster. Gentlemen, the public deserves better; members of your TV audience are more satisfied obtaining their weather from high school students. Perhaps that is the way it should be. Unless the public sees changes to TV forecasting procedures for the next storm, my relatives in Crisfield, MD can cook up a nice dish of crow, with Old Bay seasoning, if necessary.
Think that’s too hard-hitting? Care to hold us accountable for the forecast? We welcome your perspective on this issue, for or against. Please share your thoughts on our facebook page or in the comments below.
You tell ’em.  I know I’ve been paying more attention to these kids than the pros.

Question for NOW

Boy, I hate to be on the side of Sarah Palin, but based on the little I know of the Tim Tebow Superbowl commercial, I think I agree with her.

My question to NOW:  Why is it a problem to show a story of a woman who had the opportunity to have an abortion, chose not to do so, and her child grew up to be a star athlete?  Choosing to not have an abortion is still a valid choice, isn’t it?

Am I missing something?  I haven’t seen the commercial, so I could be.

Wines in January

As I’ve mentioned before, I also blog at The Grand Crew, a community wine blog.  I’m not a wine expert, I just love drinking it and I love learning about it, so I’m having some fun sharing my experiences.

Here are the wines I’ve had this month where I took notes.  I don’t note all the wines I drink, I don’t note wines I have in restaurants (unless it’s a wine tasting), or at parties.  These are wines from my “cellar” (a wine cooler, a wine rack, and a cool dark corner of a closet) that I either purchased or someone gave me. (Links after the break) Continue reading

One good reason the government shouldn’t run companies

As Warren Meyer points out at the fantastic Coyote Blog, there’s a pretty big conflict of interest if the government owns GM and regulates their competitors.

Host your own wine tasting

Hosting a wine tasting is a fantastic theme for a party. You can make it as formal or casual as you like. It gives you an opportunity to share your passion for wine with friends and family (possibly inspiring a new oenophile), an opportunity to collect the opinions of a variety of people, and an excuse to get people together to drink.

We’ve thrown a couple of wine inspired parties at Chez Stagg, these are two ideas we’ve used. Continue reading

Another Glimpse into the Future with State Run Healthcare

A judge in Florida ordered a pregnant woman to stay in the hospital on a doctor’s orders.  The article suggests it was because she was a smoker, but I’d guess there’s more to it than that.  Regardless, this is what state run healthcare will look like in the United States.

She smoked cigarettes during the first six months of her pregnancy and was admitted on a false alarm of premature labor. Her doctor argued she was risking a miscarriage if she didn’t quit smoking immediately and stay on bed rest in the hospital, and a judge agreed.

Three days after the judge ordered her not to leave the hospital, Burton delivered a stillborn fetus by cesarian-section.

And six months after the pregnancy ended, the dispute over the legal move to keep her in the hospital continues, raising questions about where a mother’s right to decide her own medical treatment ends and where the priority of protecting a fetus begins.

“The entire experience was horrible and I am still very upset about it,” Burton said through her lawyer. “I hope nobody else has to go through what I went through.”

Burton, who declined to be interviewed, is appealing the judge’s order. She isn’t asking for money but hopes to keep her case from setting a precedent for legal control over women with problem pregnancies. She also worries it could prevent women from seeking prenatal care.

State Attorney Willie Meggs stands by his decision to seek the court order after being contacted by the hospital. “This is good people trying to do things in a right fashion to save lives,” he said, “whether some people want them saved or not.”

Burton is in her late 20s, has two young daughters and a common-law husband and holds down a blue-collar job, said her lawyer, David Abrams. She didn’t want an abortion, had obtained prenatal care and voluntarily went to the hospital after experiencing symptoms she’d been told to look out for, he said.

But she didn’t like the care she received at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. She said her doctor, Jana Bures-Foresthoefel, was brusk and overbearing. Her lawyer said bed rest for difficult pregnancies is a controversial issue because it can cause some complications like blood clots. Abrams said smoking by itself doesn’t cause miscarriages.

The mother said she wanted the option to seek care at another hospital or to go home so she could care for her two daughters.

“I was desperately hoping to receive the care I needed to save my baby,” Burton wrote in her statement. “However, after a few days there, I did not feel I was receiving the care I needed, and instead of being allowed to leave or go to another hospital, I found myself being ordered by a judge to stay at Tallahassee Memorial and submit to all medical care from its hospital staff, whether I agreed or not.”

The doctor and hospital officials declined to comment, referring calls to the state prosecutor.

American Civil Liberties Union lawyer Diana Kasdan said if the ruling stands it could lead to the state virtually taking over the lives of pregnant women, including telling them what they should or should not eat and drink and what medications they must take.

“It would be a horrible precedent,” Kasdan said.

The state disputes that scenario, arguing Burton’s case is rare – the only one out of 30,000 births in the Tallahassee area over the last 10 years.

Abrams said Burton’s condition didn’t merit such extreme action. Her symptoms were not that unusual, she wasn’t in active labor and the state failed to show why bed rest at Tallahassee Memorial would have been any better than at another hospital or home, he said.

The judge ruled the best interests of the fetus overrode Burton’s privacy rights, but Abrams disputes that. He notes the Florida Constitution, unlike its federal counterpart, has an explicit and strong privacy right, which the state Supreme Court has said guarantees a competent person the right to “choose or refuse medical treatment.”

“If you apply the best interest of the child standard, the woman becomes nothing more than a fetal incubator owned by the state of Florida,” Abrams said.

Ready for that, ladies?  I’m not.  The state simply does not have the right to keep you in a hospital if you are competent to make your own decisions.  Yet the state used power to do just that.  You think they won’t when we give them more power?

I don’t see how anyone calling themselves “pro choice” can want to give the government that much control over their bodies.

Training, 1/26/2010

2 Board Press
45 x a bunch
95 x 5
Weight was easy, but holding the barbell as it got heavier hurt my hand. Still a while away from being able to hold the weight

Incline Press
3×5 @ 135

Pulldown (neutral grip)
4×12 @ 100

Face Pull
3×12 @ 50

2×12 @ 50

Hammer Curl
2×20 @ 20

Feel good, taking it slow to work back into things.

Econ Rap

Keynes vs Hayek, set to a rap.

Just awesome.

The curious task of Economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design.

F.A. Hayek. Word.

Training, 1/25/2010

Low Box Squat (pin in second hole)
Took it easy, it’s been a while. Gotta train smart. Felt strong, though. I may be stronger than I’ve ever been; we’ll see soon enough.

Leg press
3×15 @ 90

45 degree hypers

Incline Situp


Got in, got some work done. Trying to not get too terribly sore.

Just one NFL game in the UK again next year

According to Pro Football Talk, the NFL has decided against adding a game in the UK next year.  I’m pretty happy about that, as the rumor was the second game might be the Ravens.

I think the overseas game is a huge liability for both teams involved, creating issues with the weeks prior to and after the game.  I don’t think the NFL should play any games outside a team’s home field (unless the field is unplayable).

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