Corrupt Power

Ohio limits an individuals wine purchases to 288 bottles a year.  On its face, an unreasonable limit and a gross overstepping of governmental power.   But why limits?

The bottom line is this: Government agents will not break down your door if you bring home that 25th case of Two Buck Chuck. But if you order more than 24 cases of wine in a year and have it delivered directly to your door from a winery, you could face a fine.

State legislators added the purchase limit in 2007 (and amended it in 2008 to clarify the size of the bottles) when they were trying to figure out how to regulate wineries shipping directly to Ohioans.

“This was to prevent massive shipments to individuals,” said Donniella Winchell, executive director of the Ohio Wine Producers Association. “The level was set to establish what would seem to be a reasonable amount for personal use.”

The Ohio Wine Producers Association?  I can’t think of anyone who benefits from such a stupid law, other than perhaps that group.  I wonder how much they spend on lobbying and in campaign contributions.


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