Bonus Wild Card Football Post

The Jets whooped the Bengals team we all thought would eventually start showing up.  They looked great, but I don’t know if they can beat the Chargers or Indy.  (I called this game correctly!)

The Cowboys just embarrassed the Eagles.  They look significantly better than they have all season, which is exactly what you want to carry through the playoffs.  I didn’t think they would even make it into the playoffs, now they look like they could end up in the Superbowl.  (I didn’t even bother watching the second half, it was just that bad.)

For today, I can’t predict a winner of the Ravens/Patriots game; my heart is just too much involved.  I do think it will be a close game, and I do think I’ll be yelling at my television at some point because of a penalty.  The Ravens that beat the Broncos need to show up today, and play a mistake free game.  If they do that, they can win.

Packers at Cardinals I think is a pretty easy game to pick.  The Pack looks really strong, and the Cardinals will be without Anquan Boldin, which is a huge loss.  I think this game will look a lot like the Cowboys beatdown of the Eagles.  If the Packers win, they’re going to New Orleans, where the Saints will get knocked out of the playoffs.


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