Great night out with new friends

Sometimes I wonder how it became that I’m able to make the aquaintance of so many interesting and engaging people.  I know a big part of it is my wife, who, as a Realtor, is involved in very personal transactions with folks who are often moving to our area, and for that, I’m really thankful.  However, we’ve also been meeting folks via social media, and that’s a new and very cool dynamic.

Anyway, J and I  scheduled a night out for us and 6 friends.  D and R, who are our next door neighbors; M, who is a very compelling person, an entrepreneur and pilot, friend of D and R, and now us; L, who works for Jerry Edward’s Chefs Expressions, and her mate D, who works for the Everyman Theatre (I got the ‘e’ in the right place); and J, who is moving to the Baltimore area from CT in the next few months, we met her via Twitter.

We started with some wine, cheese, and conversation at our house in Canton. Everyone engaged, everyone seemed to really get along well.  The off to Helen’s Garden for dinner per the choice of our out-of-town guest.  We’ve been several times, but hadn’t been in a while.  What an outstanding meal.

I couldn’t keep track of what everyone had, but I can give you some information on both wine and food that I did notice.  First, we shared a pork belly flatbread appetizer special.  It’s a good thing I ordered two.  Just fantastic, with pork belly, feta, and olives on a toasty flatbread on a nest of greens.  We also had a fig/prosciutto appetizer that everyone raved about (I didn’t try it).

For dinner, I had a rack of lamb special, served with green beans and mashed potatoes.  Everything was perfect.  Again, I couldn’t keep track of what everyone was eating, but there was much less talking once the entrees arrived, and lots of compliments and clean plates.

We drank wine with dinner, of course.  First,  a 2008 Elizabeth Spencer Sauvignon Blanc, which was really good, a versatile wine that worked well with seafood and poultry.  We finished off two bottles of 2007 Chateau Thebot, which was good, but not outstanding; a pretty good value though for a Bordeaux.

After dinner, we walked across the street to Vaccaro’s, then back to our house for coffee and more lively conversation.  Just a really fun night, highlighting the best of urban living, networking, and even social media.


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