This seems to happen every year

Every year I say it won’t, then it does again.

Between a sprained wrist, a sprained ankle, and work, I’m back in the ‘not going to the gym’ pattern.  The sprains are healing (ankle is about 95%, wrist is worse, but getting there), but my work life has gotten out of control.  It happens, and it’s part of why they pay me what they pay me, so I just need to suck it up and deal with it.

Unfortunately, that tends to move training to the back burner.

This is yet another one of those weeks.  I know I won’t get to the gym this week.  I have a day and a half to get all my normal work done, then the rest of the week is travel and meetings.  So normal lifting will resume on Sunday the 7th.  The good news is I should be able to settle back into a normal work pattern after this week, and should have a good 3-6 months without much disruption other than maybe a trip to Napa.

(Yes, I could man up and make training a priority.  For me, though, my training wouldn’t be 100% and my work would suffer, so I have to pick one over the other.  If I got paid to lift, well…)


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2 responses to “This seems to happen every year

  • Martin Pigg

    Well said Paul. Your comments were timely for me as well. Have a great day.

  • Paul Stagg

    Thanks! Off to ATL today.

    I find I’m a blast/dust person as described by Dave Tate (you should check out some of Dave’s life story at Right now, work is BLAST, and training is dust. Instead of trying to do both not at full throttle, I’m working at full throttle, and training/diet is at idle.

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