Crisis Garden

I got home from work yesterday, poured an appropriate amount of Bulleit Bourbon, and turned on the teevee.  Surfed on over to Glenn Beck, and was treated to a commercial for survival seed bank.  More valuable than gold or silver when the apocalypse comes, non hybrid seeds are apparently the way to go.

I honestly thought it was a joke, the ability to grow an acre ‘crisis garden’.  Apparently not.

Grown in remote plots, far from the prying eyes of the big hybrid seed companies, each of the Survival Seed Bank varieties have been hand-picked for germination rate, nutritional density and of course, storage life. These seeds are true heirlooms and produce extremely nutritious plants. In fact, some studies show that these varieties are up to five times as nutritious as hybrid varieties. We have also selected seeds that will produce some of the best tasting garden produce available.

Good thing they aren’t paranoid or anything.


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