I’m just not that worked up about it

As I’m sure you know, the House passed the Senate version of health care ‘reform’.  As I’m also sure you know, there’s a lot of hand wringing and celebration, depending on your perspective.

I’m not all that worked up about it.  I’m actually far more angry that my money is being used to buy votes than I am about what they were voting on, although I’m certainly not a supporter of passing this bill.

Here’s why I’m not worked up:

It’s not all that different from the current system. Sure, it’s going to be a less effective and more expensive version of the current system, but at least a lot of the costs and redistribution will be transparent.  We weren’t going to move towards what I’d like (and what would work), which is a system where the patient is the consumer and pays most of the costs at the time of service (fee for service).

I can provide for myself. I suggested previously that you plan for Obamacare.   I will not need to rely on the government for my health care, so plans can get worse, they can ration care, I will always be able to pay my own way if I need to get better care.  They can talk all they want about making care the same for everyone, but they can’t actually do it.  So while the rest of you move towards more expensive less effective care, I will be in a position to spend my own money and get whatever I need.  Sure, my taxes will go up, sure costs will go up, but I either can handle it or will work to be able to handle it.

It’s unconstitutional, and I have some faith in the Supreme Court. Might be 5-4, but right now, I’m pretty sure when the challenges get to the Court, most, if not all, of this law will be ruled unconstitutional.  Because it is… nowhere does the Constitution give Congress the power to do this.

This vote will destroy the power of the Left for 20 years. I’m completely convinced the Left has committed suicide with this.  Congress will learn just what Change ™ means in November, and President Obama will be replaced in 2012.  My hope is that we will see a more limited government movement, with the power struggle between big government Republicans and new small government Republicans and Libertarians, giving Liberty an actual shot.

My final point:  if you are counting on the government to take care of you, expect to be disappointed.


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