“Idiot” might not be strong enough

After a recent police involved shooting, the Baltimore Police Commissioner refers to the dead criminal as an ‘idiot’.  Apparently, that upset grandma.

Family members were outraged by the comments from Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III. On television after officers Jordan Moore and Keith Romans were shot Sunday on McElderry Street, he called Miller an “idiot” and said shooting at police “defies logic.”

“If I could meet the commissioner I’d punch him in the mouth,” said Miller’s 80-year-old grandmother, Daisy Dawson. “And I don’t care where they’d lock me up. I’d leave my fist inside his mouth.”

Police stood by the statement.

“People can form their own conclusions about someone who pulls out an illegal gun in an attempt to kill two police officers,” said the department’s chief spokesman, Anthony Guglielmi. “I think there are many people who feel that ‘idiot’ and ‘moron’ doesn’t go far enough.”

I’m normally not one to immediately believe a police version of events, but in this case, the guy actually shot two cops.  I’m not sure what other questions need to be addressed.  Yes, he’d still be alive if we didn’t have draconian drug laws, but he shot at cops to get out of a pot charge.  I think I’d shoot for jury nullification or something.


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