More logic from the Left

McQ at QandO remarks on a leftist group trying to infiltrate the Tea Party protests today (and, apparently, any day).  The focus of his post is primarily to point out that Tea Party folks need to record this stuff and call out the groups really acting out.

[It’s important to note here that I am not a member of the Tea Party movement.  While as a Libertarian I am in agreement with the movement on most things, the Tea Party is being co-opted by the conservative or paleo-con wing of the Republican Party.  Paleo-cons are certainly closer to my philosophy than neo-cons, they are still fundamentally statists.]

I have a more basic logical question.  If folks on the Left are convinced that the Tea Party movement is a bunch of mean, white, racist, homophobic rednecks, why would they need to ‘infiltrate’ the movement and act like racists and homophobes to discredit the Tea Party?  Wouldn’t that already be happening?  Doesn’t doing that actually prove that the Tea Party isn’t a bunch of racists, and you need to get involved to make them look like they are?

This is Lefitst Logic.

I guess that’s what happens when you can’t convince people your ideas are actually better, you need to call names (teabagger, racist) instead.

A typical conversation between a Tea Partier and left-liberal:

TP:  We want smaller government, we are taxed enough already, we need new people in Congress who will read and understand the Constitution and care about what it says.  We want a President who will check the power of Congress, not encourage them to overstep their Constitutional authority.

Lefty:  um…… RACISTS!

TP:  This isn’t about race, it’s about limiting the size and scope of government.


TP:  No, I want everyone to be better off.


TP:  Do you actually have a position?  Do you want to explain how your preference for big government and higher taxation would work better than a smaller, less intrusive government?  Care to discuss the moral implications of tyranny of the majority?

Lefty:  um….. RACISTS!

Happy tax day.  Here’s hoping you had to write a check today (so they at least didn’t get an interest free loan), that means you’re at least doing well enough to have to pay taxes.  Go out today and sell or earn or produce in spite of the chunk that will be taken from you by force.


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