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Training, 7/31/10

Low Box Squat
Tied a PR.

2×5 @ 225

2×8 @ 120

Pull down abs
2×15 @ 120

Sled pulling

New Article Up

I’m writing for the Bleacher Report, and have a new article up:

Keep the Ravens’ Problems In Perspective

This made me laugh out loud

The President wants Charlie Rangel to end his career with “dignity”.

President Barack Obama hopes embattled New York congressman Charlie Rangel can end his career with dignity.

“I think Charlie Rangel served a very long time and served his constituents very well. But these allegations are very troubling,” Obama said on Friday in an interview with CBS News’ Harry Smith.

“He’s somebody who’s at the end of his career. Eighty years old. I’m sure that what he wants is to be able to end his career with dignity. And my hope is that it happens.” Obama added.

Mr. President, “dignity” does not mean what you think it means.  Charlie Rangel has never had any dignity, and has made a career in “service” by using the force of the federal government to further his own gain.  At best, he is a clown, something I have never called dignified.


The Kindle Solution

As Ravens training camp starts, so comes the optimism and excitement of a new NFL season.  There are high expectations for this 2010 Ravens squad, but along with those expectations is the disappointment that Sergio Kindle won’t be on the field.

As anyone who follows the Ravens knows, Kindle fell down a couple of flights of stairs and fractured his skull last week.  The sports talk stations and blogs are all buzzing about what this means for the young man and what it means for the Ravens.  There’s also some talk about what the Ravens should do with Kindle’s contract.

I’m not interested in the buzz about the fall.  Speculate all you wish, but I don’t care if it was narcolepsy, drunkenness, or tripping over a cat.  All I care is the guy has a full recovery from a serious injury; I hope for the best case scenario, that he fully recovers to the point he can continue his path to the professional football field.  But maybe he won’t.  His career might be done before it’s started.

So what should the Ravens do?  He hadn’t accepted their contract offer before the injury, and of course they have now withdrawn that offer, given he’s unable to play indefinitely.  What’s the ‘right’ thing to do?  What would Art Modell do?

I don’t have Steve Bisciotti’s money.  It’s his call, but I can tell you what I think he should do to help the kid out and secure him as a future player for the team when (if) he recovers and can play again.  I’m a little torn, as he had a chance to sign an offer and was waiting to see what would happen with other picks, but I’m sure the two sides would have reached an agreement before training camp started.

I would give him a $250,000 – $500,000 signing bonus so he doesn’t have to worry about money or medical bills this year.  The contract would be a 3 year deal at the rookie minimum, with bonuses tied to playing that would equate to the contract he was going to get.  Then put him on the PUP list, and if he can’t play this year, put him on IR, and see what happens.  If he really can’t play any more, release him at the end of the season.  He’ll have a little scratch in the bank, and can move on with his life.  If he can play, he’s in the organization.  (I’m assuming putting a player on IR means they don’t make their salary, although they often get a ‘settlement’, but I could be wrong about that.  The NFL salary stuff confuses me sometimes.)

Other than the up front signing bonus, there’s little risk to the Ravens, and the deal removes some of the uncertainty for Sergio Kindle, setting him up with enough money (certainly) to get through a year or two if he can’t play professional football.

While I’m spending my buddy Steve’s money, I’ll also get a new car for myself as compensation for this outstanding advice.  It’s going to be a great year of football!

Quote of the Day, Twisted Edition

The Quote of the Day comes from one Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, part of his testimony to the Senate in 1985.

The full responsibility for defending my children falls on the shoulders of my wife and I, because there is no one else capable of making these judgments for us.

Why today?  I’ll let Dee tell you.

Oh, snap!

Amateur Hour Continues

In making the case for citizens subjects of the US to fork over more money in unemployment benefits, President Obama decided to bring out an actual real live unemployed person (no touching, please) for a little dog and pony show.

One teensy little problem.  She’s unemployed because she was convicted of prescription drug fraud.

CBS19’s Jessica Jaglois has learned that Macko was found guilty of prescription drug fraud in March 2009, one month before Macko lost her job at ACAC. She served a one year probationary sentence.

Macko joined two other unemployed people and President Obama at the podium for a speech designed to encourage lawmakers to extend jobless benefits.

Now I may be jumping the gun, as the reporter was unable to confirm from the employer that she was indeed fired because of the conviction.

ACAC owner Phil Wendel was unable to tell CBS19 if Macko was terminated because of the conviction. There’s also no indication from the court file that Macko lost her job because of the court case, or that she has received unemployment benefits improperly.

CBS19 contacted Leslie Macko about the conviction, and she declined to comment until she speaks with her attorney. We have also reached out to the White House to see if they know the full story behind the woman they chose to stand next to President Obama, but have not received comment from them either.

But I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t need to check with a lawyer if she weren’t.  Maybe I’m wrong.  It still doesn’t excuse the remarkable lack of attention to detail of this Administration; it remains amateur hour.

While there may well be people who are out of work and need help to get by, it remains true that extending or increasing unemployment benefits artificially increases the unemployment rate by raising the reserve wage (the amount of money someone will accept to go to work rather than sit home).  The solution is not using force to take my money and give it to people Congress think need it; the solution is for good people to freely help their neighbors.  Believe it or not, even mean old heartless libertarians help their neighbors.  Further, unemployment is a state and local issue, providing unemployment benefits doesn’t fall within the powers granted Congress in the Constitution.  Like that matters.

Same old story

Baltimore man convicted in 1991 for killing a 6 year old is not only out of prison, but done with probation.

And apparently didn’t learn anything.

His name is Arthur Tyler Felton, 38.

A check of the records reveals a stunning fact: Arthur Tyler Felton shot and killed 6-year-old Tiffany Smith in July 1991 during a gun battle with a rival drug dealer in West Baltimore’s Walbrook community.

The shooting outraged the city much in the same way Sunday’s stabbing death of Stephen Pitcairn does today, complete with similar complaints of lenient prison sentences for prior crimes and failures of judges and others to hold criminals accountable.

Felton pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, agreed to testify against his rival and got a 30 year sentence, with all but 18 years suspended. He was released in 2005, after spending 13 years behind bars, and completed his probation just three months ago.

Yet we continue to lock up people who’s only crime is intoxication.  Something’s just not right.

Work’s crazy

Thus the light posting.  Was out of town this week for work, ended up sleep deprived, so haven’t been to the gym, either.  Work is going to stay busy for quite some time, so I’m going to need to man up if I want to stay on track.

Trying a little experiment next week.  I normally don’t train on days I’m out on the road, but next week I’m going to give it a go, since I didn’t get to the gym this weekend (mostly because of sleep, but also because of heat and lazy).  I have to go to Philly on Monday and Tuesday, both days I’m going to hit the gym after I get back.  Monday will be the longer/later of the two days.  I also have to go to a meeting in NJ on Wednesday, so it’s a busy week.

Blogging will remain light, as it’s certainly behind training and working on my list of what’s important.

Harder than it looks

The One is going to learn being President and running for re-election is much more difficult when you have an actual record.

The Cato Institute puts together a nice summary of all His positions on ObamaCare

First, The One said there will be no individual mandate.

Then, The One signed a law with an individual mandate.

Then, The One said an individual mandate is not a tax.

Then, when faced with a Constitutional challenge to a law very few people want (or understand), The One’s administration says the individual mandate is a tax, because that makes the law Constitutional.

This would be funny if it wasn’t so scary.

Training, 7/19/10

Bench Press
2×10 @ 45
2×5 @ 95
135 @ 3
8×3 @ 165 (3 grips, start sets on the minute)
Good speed
All fast

Barbell ext
4×12 @ 45

5×10 @ 120

Face Pull
4×15 @ 110

Rope hammer curl
2×10 @ 50

20 mins recumbent bike, 130bpm or s

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