Republicans in Harford County? Bad. Democrats in Baltimore City? No Problem

The Baltimore Sun this morning has an article noting the swing of power in Harford County, Md to the Republicans.  I grew up in Harford County, and regardless of the name of the political party, it’s always been conservative.

Harford’s political scene illustrates a continuing trend in Maryland politics — with Republican-leaning communities such as Carroll County, the Eastern Shore and Western Maryland growing more conservative, as Democrats build and maintain majorities in places such as Montgomery and Prince George’s counties.

Candidates and political observers have been wringing their hands over the widening divide, saying a lack of competitive races can lead to a loss of moderate voices in the halls of state and local government.

It wasn’t that long ago that Harford was led by a Democrat – County Executive Eileen Rehrmann, who served two terms in the 1990s and made an abbreviated attempt for governor in 1998. In her first race as executive, registered Democrats outnumbered Republicans in Harford by more than 2-to-1.

I don’t understand how the article misses mentioning the complete lack of Republican representation in Baltimore City (not one elected office holder is anything but a Democrat), and misses the stranglehold the Democrats have on state government.  I guess one party rule is only a bad thing if that one party is Republicans.


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