Work’s crazy

Thus the light posting.  Was out of town this week for work, ended up sleep deprived, so haven’t been to the gym, either.  Work is going to stay busy for quite some time, so I’m going to need to man up if I want to stay on track.

Trying a little experiment next week.  I normally don’t train on days I’m out on the road, but next week I’m going to give it a go, since I didn’t get to the gym this weekend (mostly because of sleep, but also because of heat and lazy).  I have to go to Philly on Monday and Tuesday, both days I’m going to hit the gym after I get back.  Monday will be the longer/later of the two days.  I also have to go to a meeting in NJ on Wednesday, so it’s a busy week.

Blogging will remain light, as it’s certainly behind training and working on my list of what’s important.


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