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Training, 8/31/10

SSB Box Squat
245×3 (PR)

5×6 @ 230

KB Swing
3×10 @ 24kg

Incline situp

15 minutes stairclimber

Quote of the Day, 8/28 Edition

As many of you know, Glenn Beck’s 8/28 rally in DC was this weekend. Haven’t seen all that much coverage (shocking) but I’ve seen estimates that put the crowd at 300k to 500k.

Todays quote comes from a reader of Instapundit

In other words, Glenn Beck’s rally drew more people than Keith Olbermann has viewers.

Probably true.


Training, 8/29/10 (Old Naked Guy Sunday!)

Bench Press
2×3 @ 135
8×3 @ 185
Every set starts on the minute, 3 grips, speed good
Fast singles, the 280 slowed down a little, but was cake.

Barbell extensions
5×12 @ 60

5×10 @ 140

Face Pull
5×12 @ 140

Pressdown superset with cable curl
2×10 @ 100

Getting the hell out of the locker room as fast as possible. It was old naked guy Sunday, apparently. Everyone wanted to talk with one foot up on the bench and their towel around their neck.

Thank you gentlemen, but, no.

Ravens Dominate Giants

Boy do the Ravens look good.

Full article at Bleacher Report

Easy Solutions to Crime Problems

The best way to prevent street robberies like this?

On Tuesday at 1:30 in the afternoon on a busy street, a couple was walking in the 100 Block of Longwood Road when a man came out of a burgundy colored mini van armed with a silver pistol.

He took cash jewelry and the woman’s purse jumped into the van and took off.

Crime does happen everywhere, but in a neighborhood of walkers it’s scary.

“It does because in Roland Park you kind of feel that it’s a safe walk but nothing is safe in our world today.” Roland Park Resident Jane David says.

City police have stepped up patrols in the area so that the robbers don’t think that this area is full of easy marks.

Well, it’s not ‘stepped up patrols.’  It’s carrying a firearm.  Unfortunately, the people of Maryland overwhelmingly support being disarmed sheep, as they continue to elect people who support and enforce laws that make it virtually impossible to get a carry permit.  Unless, of course, you are one of those elected politicians.

I don’t need permission from the state to defend myself.  I suggest the people in Roland Park wake up and realize the same.

My take on some of the latest NFL news

A new article at Bleacher Report

Training, 8/27/10

Box Squat
10×2 @ 235
Speed good, all sets started on the minute

6×1 @ 285
Speed good, 30 seconds between sets

Pull thru
4×8 @ 120

Pull down abs
2×20 @ 130

Farmers walk 7×40 with sandbags

Training, 8/25/10

Floor Press
2×5 @ 45

Hammer Strength Chest Press
45/side x 10
2×5 @ 90/side

Hammer Strength Row
45/side x 12
3×12 @ 90/side

Lateral raise
3×10 @ 25

3 rounds of sledgehammer on tire and med ball throws

Eli Manning Should Think Twice

If I had the chance, I would ask Eli Manning if he really wants to play the Ravens in a preseason game.

Eli suffered a gash that required 12 stitches when he was hit after his helmet came off during the Giants win against the Jets.  According to several news stories, he plans to play against the Ravens, a team certainly as physical, if not more so, than the Jets.

This is the same Ravens squad that put seven hits on Redskins’ Quarterbacks, had four sacks against the Redskins, and seven sacks and ten hits on the Panthers’ Quarterbacks.

Eli might want to call his old rival Donovan McNabb and ask how his ankle is feeling today.  McNabb came out of the locker room for the second half of the game against the Ravens with his ankle iced and wrapped.  There are reports now he may have a high ankle sprain, and is expected to miss the next preseason contest.

McNabb was reportedly seen today wearing a protective boot.  In interviews, Mike Shanahan seemed to think the injury was not terribly severe, but he also said McNabb wouldn’t be playing if their next contest against the Jets were a regular season game.

A high ankle sprain can take as long as six weeks to heal, assuming it isn’t bad enough to require surgery, which could put a player out for six months.  That could be bad news for the Redskins.

Certainly the Giants can’t afford to lose Manning, given Jim Sorgi is out for at least a couple of weeks with a shoulder injury.

And while Eli may be tough enough to play in the NFL, he’s not Donovan McNabb tough.

So why then would Eli Manning want to face the physical Ravens in a game that doesn’t matter when he’s still recovering from having his head split open?  Does he really want to deal with avoiding Terrell Suggs, or worse, Terrence Cody?

I would think twice about playing on Saturday night.

Wouldn’t you?

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Gridlock is good

Carrying over the theme from the Mark Cuban post below, Mark Perry has an interesting graph on why gridlock is good.

So here’s hoping!

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