Egregiously Irresponsible

The brain trust that is the Baltimore City Government has recently decided that criminal activity is the responsibility of… the owners of apartment complexes.  Not the residents.  Not the actual criminals.  But the people who own and manage the buildings.

First, I find it ridiculous that a property owner has to get permission from the government to have apartments in the first place.  But that aside, according to the article there’s no code violations and the management company hasn’t even been notified of the action against them.

Second, we continue in this city to hold the wrong people responsible.  Everything from our screwed up tax system to this action shows the city government doesn’t understand what responsibility means.  The people responsible for the crimes in this location are… the criminals.

Not the owner of the apartment complex.

Looks to me it’s just another attempt at scattering poor people about thinking that will solve our problems, instead of addressing the real issues in the city.

Our city government, led by the mayor and city council are the egregiously irresponsible ones.


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