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Training, 8/23/10

45 minute walk

SSB Box Squat
285×1 (PR)

5×5 @ 225

KB Swing
3×6 @ 28kg

Lying leg raise

20 minutes stair climber.

Thought for the day, Mosque edition

The debate over the “Ground Zero Mosque” is one of property rights.  Not religious freedom, not anything else.

And a whole bunch of people who claim to respect and support property rights are on the wrong side.

Mark Cuban probably knows more than I do

And he says to hold your cash and stay out of the stock market.

I haven’t been doing that, in fact we’ve increased the amount of mutual funds in our portfolio.  We do keep more cash than most people think we should, though.

Might want to take his advice seriously, though.  The market has been really unstable lately.  I happen to think what happens in November might help settle it down, assuming Republicans regain control of the house.  Gridlock is good for the market.

Ravens Game Observations and Analysis

A new article up at Bleacher Report.

My take on recent NFL news

Another article up at Bleacher Report

10 Things for Ravens Fans to Watch

When they play the ‘Skins on Saturday.  A new article up at Bleacher Report

Quote of the Day, Asshat Edition

From the ever awesome Popehat.

In fact, the 1st Amendment is just for the use of calling Asshats Asshats when they do Asshatty things.

Sarah Palin may disagree, but she’s not exactly an expert on the old Constitution, is she?

Oh, by the way, to my left Liberal Friends… this is how the free market works.  Neat, eh?

Two (2) Things

Thing One:  How do we know it’s ‘wrongly’?

Thing two:  Who cares?  Does it matter?  Don’t we have anything better to worry about?

The Three Headed Monster is Back

New article up at Bleacher Report

Egregiously Irresponsible

The brain trust that is the Baltimore City Government has recently decided that criminal activity is the responsibility of… the owners of apartment complexes.  Not the residents.  Not the actual criminals.  But the people who own and manage the buildings.

First, I find it ridiculous that a property owner has to get permission from the government to have apartments in the first place.  But that aside, according to the article there’s no code violations and the management company hasn’t even been notified of the action against them.

Second, we continue in this city to hold the wrong people responsible.  Everything from our screwed up tax system to this action shows the city government doesn’t understand what responsibility means.  The people responsible for the crimes in this location are… the criminals.

Not the owner of the apartment complex.

Looks to me it’s just another attempt at scattering poor people about thinking that will solve our problems, instead of addressing the real issues in the city.

Our city government, led by the mayor and city council are the egregiously irresponsible ones.

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