Training, 9/6/10

It was a struggle to get to the gym today, but got in and got it done.

Bench Press
2×10 @ 45
2×3 @ 135
8×3 @ 185
3 grips, each set starts on the minute, speed good.
Had to bench on one of the slippery benches (as one of the trainers had someone doing what I guess would be called a kettlebell box squat on the competition bench), so had trouble setting up, but with a couple handfuls of chalk, could at least get set.

BB Ext

3×12 @ 140

Face pull
5×12 @ 150

Band pressdown
1 arm, mini band

That was it for the day, conditioning work was out of the question.

Gym Observation: The douchebag in the Che Guevara t-shirt will inevitably have stunningly horrific squat form. That’s what you get when you idolize a mass murderer.


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