Training, 9/11/10

Floor Press
275×3 (PR)
The 305 ties a PR from a long time ago. It was about 100% effort.

Close Grip Bench Press
5×5 @ 185

Hammer Strength Iso Row
45/side x 10
4×10 @ 100/side

Lateral raise
2×8 @ 30

Med ball throws: 12lbs x 10 throws
Farmers walk (sandbags): 80yards x 2 trips

Moved training up from tomorrow because I’m going to a cooking thing that will involve wine from 11 to 1, and I’m not training after drinking. Also: Football. Worked today to clean out the garage, so I was kinda tired when I got to the gym, but had a solid session.

Rolled my ankle in the parking lot as I was leaving (figures), hopefully it’s not bad enough to affect training.


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