The first of many “unintended” consequences

From the “I told you so” files… big health insurers are no longer writing child only policies because of the new health care regulations.

Why?  Well, because they have no idea how much it will cost them to remain in that market, and they have contractual obligations to their existing customers.  Health insurers can’t meet those obligations if they don’t make a profit.

A little tidbit our Congress and President don’t understand.

I think, though, this is actually an intended consequence of the legislation.  It was intentionally written to destroy the private health insurance market so it appears the only solution is single payer government run healthcare.  And, since no one who voted on it read it, these things are now making sure less people who need to be able to buy insurance can.

This is just the beginning, unless it’s struck down as unconstitutional (which is is, but that doesn’t always matter) or it’s repealed (likely in the House, possible in the Senate, but no way He signs a repeal, and there won’t be enough support to override his veto.


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