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An 11 on the Scale of Awesome

Out of Commission

Saw the doc to follow up on my broken toes today.  I don’t have to “buddy tape” them any longer, but he insisted I wear a “post op shoe” (one of those blue velcro shoes).  The sole of that shoe won’t flex or something.

Naturally, I will ignore this, and wear normal shoes to work and drive.  I’ll keep “buddy taping” at night and in flexible shoes. 

Next follow up is in 4 weeks.  No real prescription on activity, other than the shoe.  I’m trying to stay off of it today, but that’s probably it.

Lots going on with work, right now I’m balancing the new job with the old one, and that will continue for a while.  the new job is going to be a change, as I won’t work from home nearly as much, but the office is close to the gym, so I’ll just need to figure out the right schedule.  I’m going to get back in as soon as I can to do something, knowing that I can’t really put weight on my foot.

I’m expecting the foot recovery to take the full four weeks, which gets us in to the holidays, and a trip out West, so most likely training won’t be back on track until January. 

Not real happy about that, but not much I can do.  Pushing things now will only prolong healing up.

Writing/blogging has also been on the back burner.  I haven’t written anything for Bleacher Report or The Grand Crew for quite some time.  Again, with the new job, I’ll need to figure out how I’m going to keep up with that; I’ll probably have to schedule writing time instead of what I do now, which is read and write when I have the time during the day (like now).  I’m still passionate about doing it, but need to focus on the day job for now.


Republicans talk may not match walk

Or, at least, match their desire to take responsibility.  According to Politico, many prominent Republicans are turning down the opportunity to serve on the House Appropriations committee, where they would presumably be casting votes to cut spending.

“Anybody who’s a Republican right now, come June, is going to be accused of hating seniors, hating education, hating children, hating clean air and probably hating the military and farmers, too,” said Jack Kingston (R-Ga.), a fiscal conservative who is lobbying to become chairman of the House Appropriations Committee. “So much of the work is going to be appropriations related. There’s going to be a lot of tough votes. So some people may want to shy away from the committee. I understand it.”

Kingston said he’s approached Bachmann, King and Westmoreland about the committee, and they all told him they weren’t interested.

That leaves Republican leaders in a dilemma: How do they live up to the tea-party-driven effort to slash spending if the committee that controls the purse is still dominated by old bulls and senior lawmakers who are only grudgingly giving up earmarks?

Answer:  They won’t.  Because while there’s big talk about responsibility and cost containment, the real goal is power.  New boss, old boss, etc.  I’ll believe different when I see different.  Hopefully they’ll prove me wrong, but I think it’s more likely we’ll see a lot of gridlock, and the same ‘blame the other party’ strategy the Democrats used while they had an overwhelming majority.

Where do I send my application?

Here’s a list of all the organizations who have applied for and received their ObamaCare Waiver.

Interesting how many unions are on the list.


I’m hoping someone smarter than I reads this and can answer it: 

It’s my understanding that the DREAM act provides a path to citizenship for the children of illegal aliens.  If these children either complete a 4 year college degree (I assume a BA, BS, BSc, or equivalent), or serve two years in the US armed forces, they become citizens.

The act doesn’t spend any money to encourage the behavior, it doesn’t provide free education or health care or anything else.

Why would anyone be against that?

(Link to the Wikipedia entry with more details here.  Still don’t see anything wrong with this)

Plain and Simple

The government should not be able to make this happen.  The government has no right to make you sell only products they approve.  They have no right to regulate what your product is, only that the states don’t inhibit it’s trade.

Somehow that stopped mattering some time ago. 

By the way, y’all do know that rum/whiskey and Coke has caffeine in it, right?  HFCS, too.  I guess that’s next?

(Kids:  when I was younger, we made our own Four Loko:  Southern Comfort and Mountain Dew.  I believe that is still legal.  Don’t forget who is looking out for you.)

Groundbreaking and Earth Shattering Journalism

Or, why I don’t read Slate any more.  I’m late to seeing this (because I don’t read Slate any more), but stumbled across their shocking revelation that someone censors comments on Sarah Palin’s Facebook page.


These daring scribes found that nearly 10% of all comments are deleted for being mean, racist, or otherwise damaging to the Palin brand.

Again.  Wow.

I don’t have 2 million followers on Facebook, I have about 220.  I am not a politician and those 220 people are actual, you know, friends, so there isn’t much Paul bashing on my Facebook page.  But you better damn well believe I have and will delete comments that can damage my reputation, or comments that want to start an argument that I don’t want to have in public.

10% of my comments?  Nope.  But somewhere between 1% and 5% for sure.  And I do it quickly, too.

I wonder why they didn’t do this analysis on a Democrat.

Link via Permdude

Life/Training Stuff

I’ve been distracted lately.  My company is going through a very significant reorganization.  I’ve known for a couple of months that there would be significant reductions in headcount, and that I would be affected in some way, as what I do significantly changes due to the reorganization.

Put another way, there are 23 people in the country who do what I do.  There won’t be anywhere near that many in the new organization.

So, I’ve been distracted.

I found out yesterday that I made it, but I am going to be in a new role.  Don’t know yet if it’s lateral, a promotion, or a demotion.  (I think the latter, but I think there’s going to be a lot of that going around.)  I will have direct reports, something that will help further my career and help out the old resume if I decide I don’t like the new gig or the new organization.

So there’s a big weight lifted.  I’ve got mixed emotions, though, because it’s been a bloodbath, and they aren’t done yet.  A lot of really good people (and friends) found out yesterday they don’t have jobs.

There will still be a period of uncertainty as we get the new world figured out, but I’m optimistic that everything will turn out well.

On the training front, you may have noticed I got a little more consistent.  That was helping a lot with stress.  So naturally, as is my tendency, I’ve found a creative way to stay out of the gym:  I broke two toes (and dislocated one).  It was bad enough for a trip to the ER, and bad enough to need a orthopeadic surgeon to take a look (and put the dislocated one back in place, which was somewhat unpleasant).  I’m totally out of commission for at least a couple of weeks, as I can’t walk very well and can’t get a shoe on, so I can’t drive.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get in and at least do something soon; anything on my feet will probably be out for about a month.

Decided to grow a beard.  Right now I just look like I decided to quit caring about my appearance.

Training, 11/9/10

Bench Press
2×15 @ 45
8 sets of 3 @ 175; each set starts on the minute, speed great.
All fast

DB Incline Press
3×12 @ 50

Pulldowns (neutral grip)
5×12 @ 100

Face Pull
4×15 @ 100

Felt great today.

Can’t wait for them to run healthcare…

Radley Balko describes his experience with the IRS.

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