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Ray Rice, Defense Give Baltimore Ravens Win

For Baltimore Ravens fans, the win against the Miami Dolphins looked familiar; frankly, it looked formulaic. It’s an effective formula, too.

Ray Rice scrambled for 180 yards from scrimmage (83 rushing, 97 receiving), and the defense held the Dolphins to just 10 points, giving up no points in the second half.

Also in that formula: Four field goals on five attempts. Billy Cundiff also continues to put kickoffs in the end zone, which is a huge help when it comes to the field position battle.

The offense got off to a bit of a frustrating start, with two unproductive trips in to the red zone and numerous sacks and penalties.

About mid-way through the second quarter they seemed to get their bearings and dominated, as evidenced by the lopsided time of possession and yards.

If there is one thing the Ravens need to work on, it’s effectiveness in the red zone, where they scored just one touchdown in seven trips.

Joe Flacco had a solid day, going 20-for-27 for 266 yards and two touchdowns with no interceptions.

On the defensive side of the ball, after an opening drive where the Dolphins easily drove down the field for a touchdown, the Ravens only gave up three more points all game.

The defense also generated three interceptions—one by Lardarius Webb (his first this year), one by Ed Reed (his third in two games) and one by Josh Wilson, who replaced Fabian Washington at CB.

Washington’s play was disappointing for the second week in a row. This week it wasn’t his coverage as much as poor tackling. Wilson took full advantage of the opportunity and had an outstanding game.

The defense also showed outstanding discipline, amassing few penalties and foiling an attempt at a fake punt. There was a questionable roughing-the-passer call against Ngata late in the game.

It was great to see not only the punt discipline, but the outstanding read by the punt team that there was an uncovered gunner the one time the Ravens lined up to punt, resulting in the first down on the fake instead of punting the ball away.

The Ravens’ old formula of running the ball effectively, short passes and outstanding defense lead to a dominating performance. They didn’t punt once and had the ball for over 38 minutes.

This performance should make fans and the team alike very confident of a playoff run this year.

This was also posted at Bleacher Report

Training, 11/7/10

Box Squat
2×2 @ 135
8×2 @ 225
Felt pretty good, need to keep working on form

6×1 @ 275

KB Swing
24lbs 2×8

3 x 15 secs

Dangerously Dogwood

J and I went out with our neighbors last night to Dogwood.  We don’t get to Hampden enough.

The experience at Dogwood was mixed, primarily because of how busy they were.  There were five of us, and we lucked out, there was another party of five that didn’t show, so we didn’t wait.

The staff is very friendly, and they know their stuff about the menu and wines.  However, they spend most of the evening in the weeds.  Our server did a nice job of timing things for us, but the kitchen struggled with it a bit.  They also didn’t keep things straight on who ordered what – I was brought the wrong salad, for example (I ate it anyway, and it was pretty awesome); they later brought the right one (and to their credit, comped it).

Food was mixed, in my opinion, although again I think the kitchen was struggling with timing. 

I had the Romaine. Local Radish Caesar salad, which was excellent.  (I ordered the Farmers Market salad because I wasn’t sure about the Caesar, but was happy to get the wrong salad.)  My dinner was rockfish topped with crab, which was well prepared, but I think spent a little too much time under a heat lamp.  Good, but not awesome.

The table shared potato chips and dip, which was outstanding.  Cocktails were great, and wines made from noble grapes were 20% off.  They have an excellent selection, not too many, but lots of variety.

The consensus at the table was generally favorable, and with a vegetarian in the group, it’s nice Dogwood has so many vegetarian options, and they don’t overcome (or ruin) the menu.  All in all, a fair experience.  I think we need to go back on a slower night to see what they can really do.

Afterwards, we stopped by the new Dangerously Delicious in Canton.  They have just opened, and have limited selections.  I have to say, there’s something that draws me in about a pie place blaring old school punk.

We ordered a Baltmore Bomb (Berger cookies in butterscotch).  The filling was as incredible as that sounds, but the crust was a little tough; this was not a pie I’d spend $25 (!) on again, I’m afraid.  Maybe they are working out the kinks in the new location.

Well Done

Via Boris

Training, 11/4/10

Bench Press
45x 10,10
95x 5
Pretty easy

BB Ext
5×12 @ 45

3×5 @ 145

Up Row (plate)
2×5 @ 45

20 minutes treadmill, around 125 bpm

Quote of the Day

Today, it comes from George Will’s column in the Washington Post

In 2008, Democrats ran as Not George Bush. In 2010, they ran as Democrats. Hence, inescapably, as liberals, or at least as obedient to liberal leaders. Hence Democrats’ difficulties.

When the Left is honest about what they really want to do, they lose national elections (and they win local ones in some places, which is how it should be).

Is Obama Keynesian?

This is awesome.  There are a lot of angry ignorant people.

Training, 11/2/10

Not bad, felt light, as it should

Good Morning
2×3 @ 135

Pull thru
2×10 @ 100

2 x 15s

20 mins treadmill, 115-120 bpm

Then I went and voted.

Wines in October

Lots of wine this month, in great part due to the Wines of Chile tasting a few weeks ago.

2008 Washington Hills Paradise Peak Riesling

2008 Noël Bougrier Anjou

2009 Spier Chenin Blanc

2008 Wallace Brook Pinot Gris

2005 Valdivieso Eclat

2006 De Martino Las  Cruces

2008 Estampa Gold Assemblage

2008 Montes Limited Selection

2006 Vina Maquis Lien

2008 Hacienda Aracuano Clos De Lolol

2007 Emiliana Coyam

2007 Casas Del Bosque Gran Estate Selection Private Reserve

2006 Estancia Cabernet Sauvignon

2007 Quinta Da Aveleda Douro Charamba

2006 La Castellina Chianti Classico Riserva

















Top Posts – October

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Quote of the Day

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