Staying Quiet and Recovering

Short break in posts due to not having much to say, and being on the road Monday and Tuesday of this week. 

Toes are healing.  I’m pretty close to being able to get back in the gym, I think.  I still limp, but it’s mostly because I changed my gait to walk when they hurt, and now my foot hurts when I walk normally.  Probably shouldn’t put weight on my foot yet, though.  I’m not sure when I’ll get back in the gym, maybe get in this weekend.  (I’ll be out of town at the end of December for a week, I’m not sure getting in a couple of weeks of training to just take off is worth the bother given my hurt toes and work stuff, but we’ll see.)

Work is a bit overwhelming.  We’ve just reorganized, I’ve got a new job (but still have to do my old one), and there’s a lot of uncertainty about who does what and how some things get done.  It was expected to a certain extent, just need to be a strong leader and deal with the extra workload.  As anyone who regularly reads this blog, that will probably mean posting will slow down.

The new job will remove some of my flexibility to write, so I still need to figure out how I’m going to keep this thing up.  Obviously I will still post my training log, but I don’t know if other posts will all be done at once and scheduled, or if I will be able to put aside the time to post every day or so. 

On politics – President Obama looks completely lost.  He’s in big, big trouble politically, and we’re in big, big trouble if something happens that requires strong leadership.  He’s making George W. Bush look like a better President every day.


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