The Consumer Product Safety Commission is banning drop side cribs, a product that has been on the market for decades. 


Because 3.2 children per year die in incidents related to the cribs.  The CPSC isn’t clear on how many of those 3.2 deaths are also associated with an idiot caretaker who probably would have killed the child anyway.

If the cribs were really that dangerous, wouldn’t people just stop buying them? 

The cost to just the day care industry:  $550 million.  If the life of a crib is 10 years, the cost to just day care centers is more than $17 million per potential life saved, assuming a 10 year lifespan of a crib, and assuming the deaths were actually due to the cribs, and not an idiot operating the crib.

I don’t want to sound harsh, but is that really worth it?  Doesn’t the marketplace already solve this problem?


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