I’m really busy, and don’t have much to say

So I’m not blogging much.  Starting to get in to the swing of the new job, but I still don’t have little things, like an office or phone, so it’s still a little disorganized and frustrating.

It’s overwhelming, though.  Lots of hours, lots to learn; it’s really been consuming all my time and energy.  I just caught up on WLTV, and had two weeks of episodes to watch.

Gonna try to get to the gym Tuesday morning.  I really need to get my life in order if work isn’t going to be.

Not much to say about current events.  I didn’t watch the SOTU, as it’s become a pointless speech; I got sick of listening to people discuss banning firearms and speech because a congresswoman got shot by a lunatic, and I don’t quite have the time to try to figure out what’s going on in Egypt.

I don’t even have time to fund my HSA or look at my Scottrade account.  I should probably be shopping for an accountant, because there’s no way I’ll have the time or energy for taxes.

Anyway, I do still occasionally drink and blog about wine, and have an idea for a good article at Bleacher Report… maybe this week.  Maybe not.


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Husband, lifter, MBA in Baltimore, MD. Will post about Powerlifting, politics, Classical Liberalism, Economics, building wealth, self improvement, productivity, heavy music, wine, food, beer, and almost anything else. View all posts by Paul Stagg

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