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Among the Living: Training, 2/24/11

After a little over three months, I’m back to it.  Easy one today.  Every journey starts with a small step, today’s step was getting there, figuring out how long the routine takes (both getting out of the house and showering, etc at the gym), and moving a little weight.

For the first several weeks, I’ll train three times a week using something very similar to what’s in Rippetoe’s Starting Strength.

3×5 @ 135
Easy, felt good, form was pretty solid, which is unusual for me after a long layoff.

3×5 @ 65




Training time:  6:10AM – 6:55AM

Performance enhancers: Monster Lo-Carb, Anthrax, watching the TRX straps come loose and drop the guy using them to the floor (further proving that anything you can do on them can be done just as effectively and more safely with something else.)


On Wisconsin

I’ve been busy, so my interest in any current events has been minimal.  I’m generally uninterested in what is happening in Wisconsin.

I do think it will expose the American Left/Democratic Party/Public Employee Unions for what they really are:  organizations primarily interested in separating taxpayers from their money, and moving that money to the pockets of public employees.

By pretty much any means necessary.

Far too many people rely on the state for employment.  When that happens, it creates huge problems.  I think this is just the start of the next great political fight.  The good news is that there are still more taxpayers than there are public employees.


Still Gaining Control

Not quite there yet.  I’m amazed that I’ve had absolutely no time to write anything or train, but it’s so.  Was also sick this week, which kept me from getting back to training.

Next week I’m driving around to all of the distribution centers in my market unit to meet with all my folks.  More very early starts, more long days, so I think it’s realistic to plan to get back to training next weekend.

Work/Life balance certainly has tipped way too far to the Work side, but I am enjoying the work, so that’s a good thing.

Governed By Simpletons: A Civics Lesson

From the always correct and wise Charles Schumer (D-NY)

Weighing In

230.5 pounds.

20% bodyfat.

Go figure, when I don’t train for 3 months, I lose weight and don’t gain any bodyfat. 

Heading to the gym this morning.

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