How To: Stop a Bully

Patrick at Popehat (which you should regularly read) links to a widespread video from Australia showing a bully getting what he’s got coming.

I didn’t know there was an uproar, and frankly don’t care much.  I’ve said for years, as Patrick points out, there’s a solution to bullying.

There’s always a big brother, a bigger friend, or a Dad out there.  Eventually, the bully will run in to them.  Problem solved.  Some people, in many instances bullies, respond only to violence, and some well placed violence is the only solution.  I think in most cases, just the idea that there’s someone out there who will stand up to you can stop a bully.

I know from experience:  standing up to the bully works.  I didn’t ever have to kick the shit out of someone (I doubt I actually would have been able to take on the kid who bullied me in high school), but just standing up to the lout ended the behavior.  He didn’t know if I really thought I could kick his ass, but I made him think I could, or that I might at least try.

(Also, a big shout out to Facebook.  The kid who bullied me in school turned out to be a douchebag attention craving loser as an adult.  I wouldn’t have the satisfaction of knowing that without Facebook.)

Successfully standing up for yourself can be a valuable life lesson, too.


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