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One of the many reasons I love my wife

I got this email today regarding a friend request she got on Facebook:

So I pull up her profile and I don’t recognize her, but she went to my HS so she probably knows of me from there.  I think about confirming the request, but decide to look around at her profile a bit before I decide if this is someone I want to know or not.  The first thing I notice is that she lives in Dundalk … hmmm.  Then, that she has 80’s hair … hunh.  Third, that she plays Farmville, so I’m probably just a way of earning points or something, which means I’m probably not going to become her friend.  But just to confirm my gut feeling, I read some of her posts.  When I come to this one, my decision is made:

“i didnt like the feeling I got at wallmart. You ever buy a sray bottle of something and it dont spray when you get it home. that makes me mad. So I decieded to spray one pump in the store before I buy I and a woman tugs me buy the shirt and says, What you doing!!! Id like to feel like I was steeling or”

So, pretty sure this isn’t someone coming over for dinner or something, lol.


Opportunism vs Idealism

Lee Stranahan and I do not agree on a number of subjects.  We once had an argument on Twitter about healthcare, but have since made up upon realizing everything can either be blamed on George W. Bush or Gay Marriage.

This blog post of his is an example of someone who certainly leans Left who actually figured it out

The Republicans in Congress are going to get a lesson here, pretty soon.  Raising the amount of money the Federal Government spends (which is what the budget they want to pass does) is most certainly not why they won in 2010.  The lesson is going to come from idealists, who are starting to get a little rambunctious.

When shooting the dog isn’t enough

Constable Fife has to resort to using pepper spray on an (attack?) squirrel.

Via Karen De Coster

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