If cavemen had ice cream, they would have eaten it

It’s time to set something straight:  Carbs are not the devil.

Yes, people eat too many refined carbs.  Yes, the FDA’s Food Pyramid is more about which lobbyist spends the most money than it is about health.  No, fat (including saturated fat) is not evil.

But eating a sandwich isn’t going to hurt you, and if you are interested in any kind of athletic performance, it will probably help.

Apply some balance (and some critical thinking) to your life and your diet.  Eat a serving of veggies with every meal.  Build your meals around lean meat and veggies.  Have some fruit.  Eat some nuts.  Limit your consumption of refined foods.  But eating potatoes, or rice, or an English muffin isn’t going to hurt you.

“Paleo” dieting isn’t generally a magic solution to your problems.  There may well be some research showing limiting carb intake isn’t a bad idea, and there’s some research on inflammatory disorders and high carb intake.  But the research isn’t definitive.  So get off the dogmatism and have a cookie.



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