One of the best friends I’ve ever had died over the weekend.

He was the guy who convinced me to join a gym 15+ years ago.  He was my first and last training partner.  No one since measured up.

I can’t measure how he changed my life with just that one thing;  he made me work hard, he made me show up.   His knowledge, motivation, drive, and inspiration not only changed me physically, it made me a much better person.

But our relationship was so much more.

We spent more time together than with anyone else for about 5 years.  We worked together, we trained together, and we socialized together.  We went through marriages and divorces.  We helped each other move.  We laughed until we couldn’t breathe.  We got in to trouble, and we kept each other out of trouble.

He was Pablo Suavé.

He was one of the nicest, most giving, good humored people I’ve had the pleasure to meet.

We’d grown apart over the years, lots of us do.  Different jobs, different priorities, different interests.  But I would have dropped everything in an instant on a call from him, and he would have done the same.

He wasn’t just my training partner, he was like a brother.

My heart breaks for his wife and his family.  I know how much he loved you, and I know how much you loved him.


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