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All or Nothing

Dave Tate calls it Blast/Dust.  He’s either all in, or all out.  I’m often the same way, and lately, it’s been all work.

Made the decision at the end of this week after missing a wine tasting party because of work that I’ve had enough and I need to take control.  Regardless of what you think, you are in control, and so am I.

So I’m resting up this weekend, and taking my life back.

Part of that is a training and diet commitment; I’ve been using work as an excuse and I need to get my head straight.  My health is important, and I have some unfinished business on the powerlifting platform.

One thing that will remain on the bottom of the priority list is blogging… I’ll update my training log, but probably not much other content; it will be sporadic, at best.


The Most Disgusting Thing You Will Read Today

This is unreal.  Poor guy gets maced and beaten in his own home by police because they mistake him for a burglar, then he’s convicted of resisting, then he’s actually sentenced to jail..  the most troubling is what the Judge had to say.

Taking a few moments to collect his thoughts, Flournoy then addressed Sauceda directly. The dialogue of the trial was delivered in Spanish to Sauceda via translator Josefina Villanueva. Flournoy told Sauceda that because he did not take the stand in his own defense it was difficult for him to sympathize with his situation.

“I haven’t heard from you and I have no idea why you didn’t speak. That causes me some trouble. I don’t agree with the notion you are a victim in this case,” Flournoy said. “I think your actions put you and the officers in harm’s way. This could have been easily avoided.”

Had it not been for the jury’s note asking for leniency, Flournoy said he would have likely sentenced Sauceda to six months in jail.

Via The Agitator

ME Bench, 7/10/11

Again, not really max effort.

Bench Press







JM Press


3×8 @ 95

Hammer Strength Low Row


3×8 @ 225

Side Raise

2×8 @ 20

20 mins treadmill

Training: ME Squat 7/9/2011

Well, not really a max effort.  Whenever I take more than a couple of weeks off, the first ME sessions back I pretty much warm up and shut it down.  Felt good though.

Low Box Squat







Hoist Power Squat

2×8 @ 135

Pull thru

2×8 @ 120

Pull down abs

2×15 @ 120

20 minutes treadmill

10 mins stretching

Try it for 30 days!

If you don’t subscribe to TED, you should.  Not value in every talk, but some are quick fun reminders of what we can do.  Like this one.

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