All or Nothing

Dave Tate calls it Blast/Dust.  He’s either all in, or all out.  I’m often the same way, and lately, it’s been all work.

Made the decision at the end of this week after missing a wine tasting party because of work that I’ve had enough and I need to take control.  Regardless of what you think, you are in control, and so am I.

So I’m resting up this weekend, and taking my life back.

Part of that is a training and diet commitment; I’ve been using work as an excuse and I need to get my head straight.  My health is important, and I have some unfinished business on the powerlifting platform.

One thing that will remain on the bottom of the priority list is blogging… I’ll update my training log, but probably not much other content; it will be sporadic, at best.


About Paul Stagg

Husband, lifter, MBA in Baltimore, MD. Will post about Powerlifting, politics, Classical Liberalism, Economics, building wealth, self improvement, productivity, heavy music, wine, food, beer, and almost anything else. View all posts by Paul Stagg

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