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2011 was one of the hardest years I’ve had.  A tragic death.  Overwhelmed at work.  Unhealthy.

But with all the negative, there’s still a ton of positive.  My wife remains awesome.  Our relationship held up just fine to some serious strain this year.  I have a good job with a great company.  I got to Napa, NYC twice, and continue to enjoy the finer things.  We got two new (to us) cars.

I’m ready for 2012, because I’m motivated to get things back together.  To have balance.  I love to work hard, but I need to have time to cook, to talk, to engage socially.  I need to get back in the gym.  Sure, there will be days that work is all I do, but I need far more days that work isn’t all I do.

I need to be better.

And I will.


DE Bench 12/31/11

Bench Press

2×10 @ 45




8×3 @ 175

4 Board Press




DB Bench Press




DB Row






Felt great to get under a bar.  Excited to have a goal and feel like I have a plan.

Now I have to execute.

For those interested in such things, I was 234 lbs yesterday morning, and I’m about 22% bodyfat.  That will change pretty quickly as I clean up my diet a little.


This Can Happen To You

This story highlights a couple of things:

  • The war on drugs leads to horrific violations of individual rights.
  • Allowing the government to confiscate property from people suspected of drug law violations is a crime
  • A dog ‘alert’ is not probable cause.

When Pompton Lakes police seized Darren Richardson’s car on a rainy September afternoon, they told him it was headed for an impound lot. When they returned it three weeks later, he says, the 2004 BMW belonged in a junk yard.

The instrument cluster and leather dashboard were gone. The caramel-colored seats were torn up. The gear shift was ripped out and stray wires hung limp everywhere. Geico, Richardson’s insurance company estimated the damage at $12,636.42 — more than he paid for the car — and declared the vehicle a “total loss.”

According to police reports, the damage to the black BMW 325i came in the aftermath of a traffic stop during which officers detected a “strong odor of raw marijuana” inside the vehicle. Searching for a cache of drugs, members of three different police agencies and a detective from a federal drug task force spent two days tearing the car apart, the reports said.

So what did police find after their $12,000 search?

Absolutely nothing.

Now to me, it doesn’t matter what they found, but it’s important to lots of other people, who think it’s just fine to ignore individual rights if we get bad guys.  (See also:  TSA).  Those people are ignorant sheep.

Before you get indignant, mouthing off to a cop isn’t a crime, and in some cases is our duty.

If anyone thinks any officer will be held responsible or that the state will reimburse the insurance company after the investigation, I’ve got some nice waterfront property for you.  They will find the officers acted appropriately, maybe even congratulate them.





Yes, I’ve been quiet.

Working hard, earning my keep.  Completely lost control of my life; it’s time to get it back.

Went to Savannah, GA for a long weekend.  We could live there.  At least 9 months out of the year, anyway.

Changes are coming.  Balance will return.  Got some goals, one of which is a total at the 2012 MD State PLing championships.

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