2011 was one of the hardest years I’ve had.  A tragic death.  Overwhelmed at work.  Unhealthy.

But with all the negative, there’s still a ton of positive.  My wife remains awesome.  Our relationship held up just fine to some serious strain this year.  I have a good job with a great company.  I got to Napa, NYC twice, and continue to enjoy the finer things.  We got two new (to us) cars.

I’m ready for 2012, because I’m motivated to get things back together.  To have balance.  I love to work hard, but I need to have time to cook, to talk, to engage socially.  I need to get back in the gym.  Sure, there will be days that work is all I do, but I need far more days that work isn’t all I do.

I need to be better.

And I will.


About Paul Stagg

Husband, lifter, MBA in Baltimore, MD. Will post about Powerlifting, politics, Classical Liberalism, Economics, building wealth, self improvement, productivity, heavy music, wine, food, beer, and almost anything else. View all posts by Paul Stagg

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