Training, ME Squat/Dead, 8/9/12, with vids

SSB Box Squat (one inch lower than where I DE Squat, one inch higher than last week’s low box)

2×5 @ 45




205×3 (vid below)



255×1 (Vid Below)

A note on weights here:  I follow the rules of powerlifting training:  A) all powerlifters are 20% bodyfat and B) All bars are 45 pounds and you don’t count the collars.  So while the SSB is more than 45 pounds, and it requires the use of lock collars that weigh 2.5kg each, I don’t adjust for that because it’s too complicated.  So, 255 is always 2 45 pound plates, a 10 and a 5 on each side.

Good Morning


3×6 @ 140

Step Up/TKE


45 Degree Hyper


Hanging knee raises


Vids after the break

SSB Box Squat 205×3

SSB Box Squat 255×1

Step Ups/TKE



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