Free Advice For Lance Armstrong

It appears Lance Armstrong is considering making some sort of public announcement about the use of performance enhancing drugs.

My advice:  Shut Up.

Seriously, did you learn nothing from Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens?  They will drag you through the mud at a minimum, and could try to put you in jail.  No.  Let them wonder.  You owe them nothing.

So again, in summary:  Lance, shut up.


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2 responses to “Free Advice For Lance Armstrong

  • Frank King Photos

    Interesting thoughts, Paul. When I think about what happened to Lance, my mind goes to Mel Gibson, Tiger Woods and even Jim Bakker (remember him?).

  • piracetam

    Journalists got fired because Lance didnt want them working for papers/magazines, and those magazines needed lances access. former teammates lost broadcast jobs because he told the network he wouldnt talk to them. Thats not intimidation, thats the loss of livelihood. And thats nothing compared to what he did to Mike Anderson and a Emma O’Reilly. He is treated differently because hes more than a doper, he’s a pusher, he’s a supplier, he’s an enforcer. If I had my druthers, Hincapie would have gotten 2 years or 8 years as a reduction from the lifetime he should have gotten because he too was supplying Lance and others. This is the problem right here: you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. He got popped THREE TIMES while he was racing, and the 3rd time he freaking admitted to doing it. We don’t need witnesses, we already have them, plus admission from the man himself. He is no hero, he doped so often, who the hell knows how good he was without the sauce? Some of us already look at the cycling achievements in the light of what we know to be true, and not just what we want to see. Feel free to join us.

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