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Free Advice For Lance Armstrong

It appears Lance Armstrong is considering making some sort of public announcement about the use of performance enhancing drugs.

My advice:  Shut Up.

Seriously, did you learn nothing from Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens?  They will drag you through the mud at a minimum, and could try to put you in jail.  No.  Let them wonder.  You owe them nothing.

So again, in summary:  Lance, shut up.

DE Squat

Early start.  Got my Monster in, ready to go.

Box Squat

2×5 @ 45


2×2 @ 135


8×2 @ 225, one minute between sets



6×1 @ 225


3×5 (Well, kinda.  I haven’t done a GHR in forever, so these weren’t perfect, and I was adjusting the bench trying to get it right).

Band Good Morning

2×15 with Light Band

Incline Situp


Had to go, have a funeral to get to.


Sales Tip

I just got the following email. This is unedited, a direct copy/paste of an email I got this morning.

Hi Paul

i’m surprised I cant imagine building a real estate site without it. more agents dont even have this new technology.we also have our support and web developement department that can help you as well with custom work. feel free to give me a call.


It doesn’t matter what you are selling, if you can’t take the time to use proper grammar/capitalization/punctuation in your email to me (where I told you I wasn’t interested in your product now, but might be in the future), I probably won’t buy your product at all, and will certainly not buy it from you.

ME Bench, 1/3/12

So, I step back in to the gym after 2 months (first injury, then busy, then lazy), and what do I find?

Two new EliteFTS racks, a new EliteFTS Bench, and a GHR.  And I was thinking about switching gyms.

Anyway, I’m going to fiddle a bit based on something I read about how Dave Tate works the folks he coaches, but basically sticking with the same thing I’ve done in the past to get strongest fastest.


2 Board Press




2×3 @ 185



I did 2 pullups between each set, so that’s 7 sets of 2.

DB Press

3×10 @ 50


3×6 @ 150

Face Pull

3×15 @ 70


3×12 @ 50

20 minutes treadmill.


CNN, Not Serious

I didn’t watch any NYE coverage (we went to bed early), but I had heard Anderson Cooper would be hosting with Kathy Griffin.

Yes, Kathy Griffin.

What could go wrong?

I’m not an Anderson Cooper fan, but to his credit, he seems to take his work seriously.  Maybe I’m getting old, but what idiot at CNN thought they could put Kathy Griffin on TV and have something like this not happen?

I have an expectation of serious news channels.  Not every minute needs to be serious news, but there’s a line of professionalism that I expect they not cross.  By putting Kathy Griffin on, they crossed it.

Leave her to Comedy Central.

Calendar of Events

For those in the Baltimore area, have a look at a calendar of events we compile each month.

More to come on the marketing front with the new business, but we’ve got a name!  Website, facebook page, etc to come.

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