DE Bench, 2/2/13

One of those days that I trained smarter rather than harder.  Really wanted to let loose, but I’m just getting back in the swing of things, so got done what needed to get done, left plenty in the tank, and walked out of the gym feeling better than when I walked in the gym.

Bench press

3×15 @ 45


2×3 @ 135


8×3 @ 175

Well under a minute between sets, as another lifter needed the bar.  (It’s great to see a bunch of folks in lifting like they mean it, but they do still need to learn how to share.  I gave up the bar I was using to bench to an Oly lifter, because there were 8 people squatting, and they all apparently needed their own bars…)

DB Row


2×8 @ 80

1 Arm DB press

2×20 @ 25

Hammer Curl

2×15 @ 25



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